Can we short-circuit the revolution?

Before I go one step further on the journey of a thousand miles, I must rectify a name. I do not use the term “revolution” in the light, debased, frivolous sense in which it is most commonly bandied about in the developed world these days. Not in the slightest. I use it in its most literal sense.

To be blunt, what I would like to short-circuit is the kind of hideous bloodshed that has visited Egypt over the past week, not to mention the bloodshed that previously consumed Libya and Bahrain or the horribly scaled-up version has come to be expected in Syria on a daily basis. Those are just a handful of Arab countries whose people have suffered from revolutionary or counterrevolutionary violence in recent years. I don’t have in mind make-believe revolutions in name only, such as the so-called “sexual revolution,” which is more accurately described as a public loosening of hypocritically uptight official sexual mores in a time of rapidly advancing reproductive healthcare technologies and capacity, nor do I have in mind the post hoc sanitized official histories of real revolutions, in which all violence and moral ambiguity are scrubbed to make way for an uplifting tale of unidirectional progress pour l’encouragement des autres, such as has been done for the duration of US history with respect to the American Revolution.

No. What I mean by revolution is the real affair, in all its grisly detail. I do, however, include abortive revolutions at all stages of arrested development, since, as Syria shows, they can cause plenty of carnage without dislodging the oppressive governments that give rise to them. Even at the most ridiculously parochial level, insurrections can cause spectacular bloodshed. Just look at the Branch Davidian nutters, an insular apocalyptic cult that posed no threat to the sovereignty of the United States or any subordinate state or local government outside its own private property: its compound in Waco, TX, was firebombed by federal agents at the end of a multi-day standoff.

The Branch Davidians and all the two-bit citizen “militias” of the 1990’s are much scarier in context than they are in absolute terms. In absolute terms, they were at worst small regional criminal enterprises, and at best ridiculous authoritarian freak shows. In relative terms, they arose in a much healthier economy than exists today, and they were much smaller in scope than the Ku Klux Klan at its zenith or interwar Europe’s fascist paramilitaries. That’s one gnarly idea of where we may be heading. It’s a threat to Europe as well as to the United States; Golden Dawn may be an impotent farce that overplays its hand because it’s led by a meathead who assaults female leaders of opposing parties at government meetings, but it certainly isn’t auspicious. If anything, the US probably has a proportionally larger contingent than most European countries have of authoritarian dipshits who would like to go down such a path. Somehow this constituency has remained quiescent, after a fashion, in the new millennium, but it’s metastable. The US has been on the verge of open, unadulterated tyranny since 9/11, and its “freedom” is nominally “protected” in the Middle East by an army whose soldiers unabashedly use a lexicon that includes “towelhead” and “sand nigger.” We have a much more teeming and brutal peasantry than it is fashionable to concede. To a great extent both the evil and the extent of this peasantry and the censorship of its existence are by design, the first rule of Fight Club being that no one talks about Fight Club.

There’s a scary parallel from the Arab Spring revolutions that is all too applicable to the United States. With sadly rare exceptions, the only factions that have managed to have any real sway in these countries have been pro-military goons and sectarian zealots. The liberals just don’t have the fight in ’em. The relevance of this tragic dynamic to the US goes back to late Colonial times, when the Scotch-Irish, the original crackers, were explicitly encouraged to settle on the frontier on the basis that they’d be better at fighting the Indians than a bunch of candy-assed East Anglians. The hope was that the crackers would eventually be assimilable. It was a nice idea, in any event.

The crux of the problem is that one does not simply control the Highlander. Granted, the crackers more or less arose sui generis in Scotland, with a bit of help from Crown and Country, before being adopted by the English, or the British, if you prefer, as a favorite warrior ethnicity. Their rough-and-tumble brutality was efficacious for fightin’ dem Injuns, but it wasn’t conducive to civilization. Not a generation passed after the Treaty of Paris before that good Tidewater planter gentleman George Washington led an expedition to the Pittsburgh area to administer the crackers an official ass-whupping for mounting a tax revolt in which mobs had repeatedly abused the persons of federal tax agents. It was exactly what should have been expected for a country that had sent crackers, and not orderly Haverhill burghers, to settle its periphery. One needn’t be a whining moralist to agree that it was karma.

One of the oldest and least appreciated First World Problems of the American gentry is cracker control. Per Thomas Sowell (Black Rednecks and White Liberals), this can be reasonably expanded to include black slaves in the US and their descendants, although there are a number of caveats to keep in mind since the white and black cracker cultures are somewhat divergent and have spent most of their history at each other’s throats. As it happens, this first came about in earnest as the result of an early Tidewater gentry social control, namely, the institution of official racism following Bacon’s Rebellion. Bacon’s Rebellion put the planters into a terminal-velocity freakout because, for the first time in several generations, they were faced with an assertive working class. The response that they cobbled together was to elevate the working white man at the expense of the working black man. In fairness, they did this under duress following a violent revolt, but still, the civics informing this decision were atrocious. They deliberately set the races against each other instead of attenuating the pernicious class structure over which they presided, because they did not want to become le poor, and to varying degrees, this entire fucking country has suffered as a result ever since.

On the other hand, even though the planters never wanted the poors overrunning their estates with pitchforks and forcibly seizing the means of production, neither did they want them softening into something less than a hardscrabble peasantry that would fight on command like Michael Vick’s junkyard dogs. (Vick’s a Tidewater boy, too. They can’t all be George Washington, especially if the select few get to live in the big house at Mount Vernon.) It was a delicate balancing act between cultivating an ethnic warrior class that would go feral and run around laying waste to the wrong targets (the master’s house, and all that) and allowing the crackers and fellow-travelers to soften into a bunch of Haverhill dandies who worried that peace would get in the way of their family and business lives. And who made up the overclass that voiced this White Whine? Why, Haverhill dandies; but of course. The social calibration was being orchestrated by all the Danelaw candy-asses who didn’t want to do their own dirty work.

This model should sound familiar. It’s the stock-in-trade of the neoconservative warmonger, likely an atheist himself, who strategically stirs up sectarian hatred half a world away, using the Middle East as the chessboard for his armchair wars. It’s the approach of the “public intellectual” draft dodger who proposes reinstating the draft under the guise of “national service,” so that the lowest of the poors need not bear the full brunt of American imperialism. It’s the stance of the conservative intellectual atheist who insists that religion (usually an authoritarian form of Christianity) is edifying for the little people. It’s the business model of the Hollywood magnate who traffics spitefully violent “art” while shuttling between secure work and home compounds on a private fleet of limousines and aircraft, safe from any wilding on the part of pants-on-the-ground hoodrats, flatbillers, UFC meatheads, outright racial mobs, and any other low-lifers inspired by his awful fare. It’s the social control model of authoritarian church leaders who rail against sexual license, ostensibly out of concern for the welfare of families, demographics, and the unborn, but really out of concern for the continued subjugation of the lower orders in a life of sexual repression and forced r-strategic reproduction, both of which make them more useful to their masters than they would be if they were accorded sexual self-determination.

This mess is made worse, perhaps intractably worse, by its ethnic angles. The dominance of Jews in the entertainment industry, for one thing, is just plain scary. I say this as the three-quarters goy grandson of a secular Russian Jew who settled on Staten Island. I have enough Jewish blood and have been informed by enough New York Jewish culture to be sincerely frightened at the prospect of a small social-climbing minority within the minority, heavy on outright sociopaths, screwing the pooch for the rest of us. Most of my relatives are pure goyim, I hang out mostly with goyim, and I have cordial relationships with a lot of people in very gentile parts of flyover country, but I just can’t safely predict how far a counterattack on Jewish control of the mainstream media might propagate and who all would end up in the line of fire. Even within the American Ashkenazi community, the asshat tycoons who preside over these empires of coarseness are vastly outnumbered by Jews who do genuine good on a regular basis, including the hordes of Jews in public-interest law, medicine, and scientific research, but there’s no accounting for the amount of animosity that the hardcore mercenaries in the evil parts of the entertainment world may stir up and project onto all of their coethnics. If things get out of hand, it won’t matter how many Jews viscerally hate and resent the garbage that their irresponsible brethren have peddled; ethnic mobs aren’t rational enough to care.

Then there’s the sad matter of Zionism, which has turned into an evil wind for all, if ever it truly blew good for anyone. The situation on the ground in Israel and Palestine is basically a bunch of warring ethnic zealots trying to outbreed each other while craven foreign elements (Hezbollah, AIPAC, apocalyptic evangelical Christians) start shit from the sidelines, poking the hornet’s nest with very long sticks. The mathematical limit to the number of ways that Holy Land violence could ricochet into the United States is limited only by the number of belligerent principals. Keep in mind, though, that the crypto-belligerents (the Book of Revelations end-timer freaks, the Machiavellian Saudi princes and diaspora Jewish magnates, and so forth) are ultimately every bit as dangerous because they are so skillful at starting shit through their proxies. The many Israelis of all ethnicities and creeds who just want to live in peace, the ones who would lock the Hezbollah rocketeers and the settlement gunslingers into the same prison dormitory in a heartbeat, can barely get their voices heard over the din of the warring atavists. It’s a fucking international tar baby, and the US simply is not safe from its collateral violence.

Again, Jewish-gentile relations in the United States are quiescent at the moment, but they are metastable. At present, the carping about teh Jooz is coming mostly from mouth-frothing internet trolls in fora such as Stormfront, but there’s nothing reliably stopping it from coming into the streets. Many people were shocked when it happened in Germany, the land of Goethe and Bismarck. It could happen here.

As bad as things may get for Jews in the event of serious ethnic unrest, they’ll be worse for blacks. Good God, will they ever. They already are. Unofficial racism against blacks is nowhere near eradicated, and even official racism persists. In case any Stormfront paranoiacs want to come trolling, no, I do not mean street-smart wariness around rough-looking hoodrats; I mean across-the-board prejudice by idiots who are too bigoted to tell the difference between blacks who well may be trouble and those who are clearly minding their own business and going peaceably about their lives. The “das racis!” whining about phantom grievances against Whitey can be absurd, but it doesn’t mean that real, serious, reflexive racism against blacks as a group does not exist. It most certainly does, and it goes beyond case-by-case responses to feral individuals or gangs.

At the macro level, black-Jewish relations in the US are a tragedy of promise turned to failure. Until around the midcentury civil rights advances, Jews faced systemic discrimination in much of the US; it wasn’t nearly as bad as Jim Crow, but it was no joke. Common cause between Jews and blacks made more sense than many people can imagine today. There was nothing nefarious about the prevalence of Jews among white activists in the civil rights movement. It wasn’t some Comintern conspiracy to undermine Whitey. Even Lyndon Johnson, a crass political operator who bragged that the Democrats would “have the niggers for a hundred years” if they passed the Civil Rights Act, acted out of substantial goodwill towards blacks and heartfelt horror at the way they were being mistreated by racist whites.

Then the black nationalists came back into vogue and things fell apart. We’re really lucky as a country that the mutual antagonism that erupted circa 1966-74 subsequently receded into a relatively few underclass ghettos and working-class ethnic (e.g., old-school Irish) neighborhoods. It looked like something that could cleave the country; instead, it merely cleaved a bunch of municipalities, often at a neighborhood level that spared more people than it affected.

It’s debatable whether the troubles of the projects can be contained. Simply put, the underclass culture that one finds in the arc from West Philadelphia through Strawberry Mansion to Black Kensington (the “Badlands”) should not exist. That’s all there is to it. It’s thoroughly evil and destructive, and it should be extinguished. And that’s just the ghetto core of one major city; by most accounts, Philadelphia’s ghettos are not as bad as those in Baltimore and Detroit, for example. The gratuitous violence and racism also proliferates in a lot of places that aren’t national bywords for ghetto gangbanging, such as Stockton, San Bernardino, and Birmingham. These places are pacified by welfare and television, and even so, their young men (and sometimes women) often go out on racially motivated sprees of violence against whites, or sometimes Asians or Latinos. These rampages often include murder and maiming. Mainstream news reports of them are scrupulously sanitized of racial references, apparently in the hope of keeping a lid on racial tensions, but word gets out through alternative channels, some of them very unsavory. There’s an all too real chance that if the violence scales up in earnest, we’ll have a genocide. Or maybe we’ll have a free-for-all race war, but if order isn’t promptly restored, is that any better?

Worrisomely, the Jews, eerily like they are imagined by Stormfront droolers, are involved in this culture of underclass black violence, because their studios abet it. It probably isn’t as nefarious as it sounds, since the studio magnates are amoral megamercenaries more than they are political string-pullers. They peddle the stuff because it sells, not because it suits their political agendas. Politically, they tend to be leftists, so they probably hold their noses as they market incitements to greed and violence to a community for which their parents and grandparents had such high hopes.

Regardless of their intentions, of course, the effects are bad. There are subtleties to the coarsening, particularly its concentration in hardcore underclass neighborhoods. Few blacks from prosperous neighborhoods and healthy families are drawn into the mire of hardcore gangbanging, as they have too much to lose. The poor and the marginal are much more susceptible. But even so, cultures of gratuitous spite and violence are absolutely not something that reasonable people want taking root anywhere near where they live. They are an inherent threat to everything and everyone else within striking distance. A culture devoted to bling, rape, and racial retribution is the last thing any sane society wants holding sway in its poor minority neighborhoods, especially if welfare payments are abruptly cut off.

The underlying problem is that the Jews (and token gentiles) at the big studios simply don’t have either the skin in the game or the sense of noblesse oblige to put their feet down and refuse to peddle poison that any reasonable person recognizes as a clear detriment to society. Popular culture advancing the notion that the listener should go get dat bling and dem hoes, nigga, does bad things to any society that takes the message seriously, and the underclasses, including the white and Latino ones to a lesser but significant degree, take such messages very seriously.

What liberals miss is that concern about the effects of these antisocial messages is not just censorious handwringing by reactionary squares chomping at the bit to impose their own social controls on the lower orders. The truth is that celebrations of the bitch-ass-ho-procuring-nigga-in-an-Escalade lifestyle are overpowering social controls in underclass neighborhoods. The conformism in these neighborhoods, especially the black ones, is pervasive and powerful beyond what the middle and upper classes can imagine.

This isn’t a question of imposing censorship so that such evil beliefs in the virtues of sexual predation, up-by-the-boostraps rentier showmanship, and civic nihilism cannot be aired. It’s a question of the major studios and distributors that purposely distribute this rot wholesale into already unstable neighborhoods having the moral spine to take a stand and shut it out of their production and distribution networks on the basis that it is objectively dangerous. It’s a matter of executives, account managers, and shareholders having the courage and principle to stand up and say, “For God’s sake, we cannot be in the business of distributing this shit! Can you fucking imagine what this garbage would do to your neighborhood if the teenagers there lived by its example? You’re out of your fucking minds to have anything to do with this stuff!”

Hell, let’s have a socialist critique of the moral failures of the capitalistic system, shall we? Don’t worry, I’m thinking grange socialist, not send-the-troops-out-against-Solidarity socialist. A small subset of Jews are the upwardly mobile entrepreneurial minority that presides over some of the most notorious and visible point sources of toxic waste pouring into the works of American society. Because their products are so visible and so manifestly awful, they’re more likely than the titans of other industries to take the fall for destabilizing society, and to take their coethnics down with them, partly because so few Jews have the courage to tell them to go fuck themselves.

But what about gun manufacturers? Land mine manufacturers? Pharmaceutical companies? Wackenhut and CCA? BP? Major agricultural concerns that order CIA coups in Central America and let pregnant farmworkers die of dehydration because they won’t provide water? (The latter has happened at least once in the Central Valley.) What about Monsanto suing independent soybean farmers unto penury because they remilled seed that was inadvertently cross-polinated with Roundup-Ready strains from other farmers’ fields, and sending private eyes out in the dead of night to trespass on private property in search of incriminating evidence for civil trials? What about any of the profitable companies that lay off career employees by the thousands in order to redistribute the savings as stock dividends and bonuses for executives? Shit, Walmart? Sam Walton: now, there’s a good managerial-class quasicracker who was lucky not to have been fragged by a disgruntled coethnic for chronically being a predatory dickhead.

Yup, the river of corruption runs wide and deep. The consensus is that Jeffersonian yeomanry is for suckers. Bitch, don’t kill my vibe with your talk about your grange hall and your union local, ’cause I’ma hustle for my bling. I’ma name it and claim it!

What, you seriously think Joel Osteen and a Birmingham gangbanger rapping about life, liberty and the pursuit of dem shine rim have diametrically opposed worldviews? Ha! It’s by design that we all contrive to submit to this crookedness. Whether one is a two-bit racist shit in the ghetto rapping about pointless motor vehicle accessories or a megachurch pastor encouraging several million followers to tithe in advance to the Boss Tweed of Hosts, for surely He provides for those who grease His palm, is just a matter of scale. We have to really go off the reservation to escape our places in this fractal.

Yeah, this stance towards life leaves behind a lumpenproletariat that has little to lose by being antisocial and inevitably turns into a horde of Sean John bling bitches and Ed Hardy flatbillers. The ruling class doesn’t care for these losers, but it tolerates them because they’re less uppity than a genuine working class. They don’t demand any structural changes or accountability or stakeholders’ input as long as they’re provided for after a fashion. They’re also fairly easy to distract with cries of “wetback!” while one simultaneously orchestrates the wholesale importation of the Michoacan peasantry to take their former jobs. Besides, even when some dispossessed workaday schlub falls through the cracks and goes postal (cf: George Sodini), he can always be brushed off as a lone nut. It’s a neat little scheme.

And who takes these people under his wing when the granges and the unions and the small business owners aren’t there to give them a chance? Well, Father Charles Coughlin was down to give a poor guy a hand up and a pat explanation for his troubles in his day. In our day, we enjoy Osteen, Mark Driscoll, countless meathead club promoters, Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee, Roissy, Vox Day, people I don’t care to examine in the even darker corners of the internet, militia crazies, and so forth. You get the idea.

Fine individuals, I say. They step into the gap because no one of goodwill has the sheer energy to minister to such a broken people. Only authoritarian zealots are really up to the task. No one else has that hunger.

I have reasons for contemplating eugenics. Free vasectomies for underclass males seem like a good start. This situation is headed nowhere good if we don’t take serious corrective action.


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