Don we now the tin foil hat for more Malaysia Airlines conspiracy theories

1) The still-unexplained disappearance of MH370 is beyond bizarre on its own, but at least that aircraft may have gone down in a remote and deep part of the Indian Ocean. I stress may. No one knows what happened to the plane. All anyone has is vague inferences from alarmingly spotty communications data. MH370 is an internet-age Amelia Earhart vanishing act multiplied by several hundred.

2) The failure to have a credible preliminary crash report, either oral or written, on the downing of MH17 more than a week after it crashed on land, in a populated part of Europe, in midsummer is much worse. Irregularities in the disappearance of MH370 can only be inferred, and the same is true for most irregularities in the resulting investigation. The irregularities in the MH17 investigation are downright glaring. In less than two weeks, there has been a major delay in the routine securing of the crash site, apparent pilfering of items from the crash site by indeterminate actors, evidence of monkey business in Ukrainian air traffic control prior to and after the crash, and a ridiculous, febrile attack on the Kremlin from various official and quasiofficial elements in the West and in Malaysia for its allegedly obvious culpability, notwithstanding Vladimir Putin’s public calls for an impartial international investigation of the crash.

3) Obama, Kerry, Psaki, et al. have become national embarrassments. They haven’t done so merely in a moral sense, but in a basic pragmatic sense. Their tradecraft as diplomats has gone completely to shit. They seem to think that it makes sense to gang up on the government of a major oil exporter led by one of the most competent heads of state on the world scene today, Vladimir Putin, with the assistance of an exceptionally competent and professionalized foreign service under the direction of Sergei Lavrov. Putin and Lavrov, both of them fluent in English, must find it absolutely hilarious to watch their main adversary staff its foreign service with political hacks, hand them a whistleblower who wanted nothing more to do with Russia than to change planes in Moscow, and foam at the mouth about sanctions that threaten to interfere with the winter natural gas supplies for nominal US allies in Central and Western Europe. All they have to do is stand by while we self-destruct, and try to keep a straight face.

4) Washington is willing to cleave NATO in furtherance of what? A shambling, skinhead-infested CIA client state in Ukraine? Snowden, when all it would take for him to come home would be a presidential pardon and the reinstatement of his US passport? Putin hurting Rothschild fee-fees by bringing the oligarchs to heel after they had spent nearly a decade looting and trashing Russia? A pissing match over who sells oil and gas to whom using which denominating currency?

This is the behavior of a nation that is too decadent and weak to pursue international trade on a level playing field and so would rather extort and rob its peers for its own continued viability. This kind of thing may not excessively provoke the British government, which has undertaken an American-style perversion by financialization of its own country’s economy and submitted to enforcer status as a client state of Langley and Fort Meade, but it will certainly get tiresome for a great many people in Germany and the Netherlands, both of which have scrupulously maintained productive, well-managed economies while various neighbors have descended into national mismanagement and wankery. Russia may want Ukraine as a client state, and maybe, by a longer shot, Poland, but it all it wants from Germany and points west is international trade. It’s worth remembering, too, that some of Russia’s notorious gas pipeline shutoffs have been in response to nine- and ten-figure customer account delinquencies.

We may be pretty close to the point at which some German government, maybe under Merkel, maybe under a new chancellor, will tell the US military to clear its shit out of Ramstein. As in, no, we’re not kidding. Get that shit out of here. Ami go home. We’re done with the lot of you. Merkel, who grew up in East Germany well before reunification, probably has a keen sense of who is and isn’t acting like Brezhnev or Honecker. I highly doubt that she has Putin on her shit list on this account, but Obama? Kerry? The government/CIA/whatever goons bombing civilian targets in Ukraine from within? And even if she doesn’t want the bother of confronting the Langley/Fort Meade/Foggy Bottom hydra, an anti-US opposition may become popular enough in Germany to force her to fish or cut bait. Germans are well aware of which country has most recently been committing torture in an international network of secret prisons, and that this country has major military facilities within Germany. Germans are well aware of the relative scope of present-day military imperialism in Russia versus the United States. Germans recognize that the Kremlin’s intent is to maintain thriving trade relationships with Western Europe, and that the United States and a handful of its more tractable allies are turning into a senile nuisance to this trade.

Put a finger in every pie, get covered with sticky.

5) If US involvement in the downing of MH17 is proven, either directly or by proxy, get ready for a raft of Interpol arrest warrants for American officials. It may not be a good idea for these officials to travel abroad except to, say, Costa Rica or Panama. I mention Panama on account of its milquetoast adjudication of the Robert Seldon Lady matter. Lady (yes, that’s his name) was arrested in Panama on an Italian warrant to face trial for the abduction and torture of a terrorism (sic) suspect living in Milan. A few days later, he was released, on the basis of a valid extradition request for a third-country national, yes, but, but, the Canal.

5a) US involvement is likely. We’re ruled by clandestine service mafiosi.

6) One of the most coherent hypotheses I’ve seen for the unprecedented flight safety problems plaguing Malaysia Airlines is that Malaysia has angered Western governments by allowing its banks to freely do business with various jihadi elements. Apparently the attitude of these banks is that they’re in the business of handling money, not the business of going to the ends of the earth to investigate its origins. This is a reasonable premise. There are good arguments to be made against banks acting as moral busybodies and in favor of the civil authorities, not the banks, being responsible for tracking the finances of suspected terrorists and warlords. Moral meddlesomeness has cost US banks quite a bit of business in recent years, and for good reason: financial institutions that blacklist sex workers and felons whose crimes had nothing to do with their finances deserve to lose business to competitors that don’t have a fucking stick up the ass.

7) I have a very tentative hypothesis of my own for the Malaysia crashes. I don’t have even a circumstantial case for it, only a general argument that it’s plausible enough to be worth considering.

Malaysia Airlines’ security may have been sabotaged in furtherance of a hostile corporate takeover. The airline is currently held by the Malaysian government. Prior to the MH370 disappearance, it was a safe but financially weak carrier operating in a huge and growing market centered in Southeast Asia. I have no doubt that there are corporate raiders who are depraved enough to orchestrate the murder of hundreds of innocents in order to catalyze the distress sale of an air carrier. These people have the motive to hire Trojan Horse operatives to orchestrate successive air crashes in the hope of a fire sale, and whatever happened to these planes, it has certainly been a financial body blow to Malaysia Airlines, for good reason. What I’m not convinced of is that any of the Soros-Koch spectrum asshats who may have had the motive to bring down these planes had the means or opportunity. It would be no mean feat for them to find someone both stone cold and competent enough to bring down commercial aircraft on behalf of private equity raiders.

Unless, that is, the raiders have CIA connections. The Mossad is ruthless enough to do such a thing, but its agents are motivated too much by love of country. Many of the CIA’s, by contrast, have no discernible patriotism, just like their white-shoe buddies in the corporate trusts.

We’re in the Twilight Zone now.

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