Dudes can ditch beta males, too

Have a friend who’s a bit socially awkward and resentful of your sexual success? Maybe you should ditch him in furtherance of your own ambition to have unsafe casual sex with up to 15,000 women.

It’s just an idea.

Critiquing these sophomoric advice-cum-confessional posts on Return of Kings is like shooting fish in a barrel, especially when I’m drunk, but still. Relegating one’s less gamely friends to a weekend night watching SportsCenter and whacking off to internet porn just points them in the direction of a death spiral of social and sexual maladjustment. Chilling with chicks in any fashion is an improvement over being subsumed anew by the incel bro vortex. Ditching one’s less successful friends on guys’ nights out because they’re minor buzzkills at the meat market is rather antisocial. Then again, so is most of the PUA movement.

Real, natural alpha males don’t need advice like that because their beta sidekicks aren’t cockblocking buzzkills in the first place. I know because I was one of the latter. For years the Insurance Schmuck used me as a beta foil while he romanced no telling whom from might to night. He never needed PUA websites to know how to fuck dozens upon dozens of women or tell me that some girlfriend I inquired after, since he had mentioned her in a phone conversation the previous week, was “two girls ago.”

Loners, introverts, easily gaslit specimens of self-destructive meekness, and outright spergs, however, may find such advice about ditching the losers in their coteries quite attractive. They may well look to such counseling as a panacea. What so allures them about this sort of advice is that it’s really about ditching their own kind.

Sexually frustrated, self-loathing young men: no way this can go badly.

This is just another reason to get your undersexed ass into some kind of whorehouse. I’m coming across some good deals in Tacoma.


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