Is it better to be a Crip for life, or to become crippled as an adult? *TIMMEH*

How on God’s green earth is this real life and not a South Park episode? There are these tragically disturbed people who think that they’re too bodily intact and insist that they will not be happy until some healthy limb is amputated or they are rendered paraplegic. It’s called body integrity identity disorder. This is about as severe a psychological disturbance as a person can possibly have. It’s tragic beyond words. But now it has a political identity as “transability,” the disability equivalent of transgender. The idea is that Bruce Jenner could figure that he’s a dude, not a chick, and a soldier who stepped on a landmine can figure that his leg is gone for good and he ought to learn how to cope without it, or, alternately, Bruce Jenner could start calling himself Caitlyn and some lost soul could get an elective leg amputation, and none of these worldviews or decisions is any less healthy or respectable than any other. Seriously. A dipshit academic is now claiming in all earnestness that it’s improper for the cisdisabled (people didn’t want to end up that way but did anyhow, aka the disabled) to hog all the disability support resources that might otherwise be shared with the transdisabled, i.e., those who are or want to be disabled by choice.

It’s hilarious until it’s unbearably painful and tragic until it’s hilarious again. Munchhausen’s cases looking to be maimed are being given moral equivalency with people who got limbs blown off in war or paralyzed in industrial accidents as equally worthy claimants of public funds, one goal being that governments shouldn’t intervene to stop them from arranging their own surgical maiming.

One should hope that there will never be very many of these people, and there probably won’t be. There are fairly few transgender people, too, and frankly that’s another tragic case, although not nearly as bad as people wanting to cut off their arms or sever the nerves controlling their legs. The best course of action is probably to hope that it will quietly go away. I know, I’m writing about it; glass houses, etc. The trouble, however, will come if bottomfeeding mass-market television programs or clickbait websites start covering this shit, like they’ve been doing with the transgender movement lately. These are problems that should be dealt with privately in hospitals and clinics, not aired on television.

Back to Brutlin Jenner, as he has most eloquently been called. Gawd. I understand that his “transformation” is just the latest attention-whoring enterprise of the extended Kardashian family, and maybe his (her?) success in this sordid enterprise is inevitable in a society with a free press. To stop the trendsetters from publishing this sort of shit, one would have to infiltrate the trendsetters, and then overpower their base instincts by some incredible power of moral persuasion, subterfuge, magic, or maybe blackmail, but in any event, it would take a miracle. The Cathedral is as the Cathedral does.

There are festering bigotries on the alt-right to the effect that it is the work of the Jews. Well, not all Jews, and the studios and publishing houses weren’t necessarily more morally upright back in the glory days of the WASP. Birth of a Nation much? The whole apparatus has the appearance of a protean social virus, one that is even less tractable because it has a symbiotic relationship with whatever political and social sentiments are popular at the time. It seems to automatically attract, select for, harbor, and nurture the most depraved and amoral elements in the world who have an interest in show business or publishing. The proliferation of power-player Jews hardly reformed it, and a counterinsurgency of WASP’s would probably be no more reformative. It seems that whoever takes the reins will functionally, or maybe objectively, be a psychopath.

So Jenner gets press for wanting tits and a twat because–well, he’s Bruce Jenner, or I guess not exactly Bruce Jenner anymore, but whatever he is, he’s a Kardashian, and why get one’s junk lopped off for a disability pension and a hormone replacement stipend when one can do it for the fees charged by an international celebrity? The guy (girl?) wants attention, too, it seems. But his whole fucking family has been debasing itself for a living for years. If you had Kanye West over for dinner and he knew that there weren’t any cameras around, he’d probably be a gentleman. He relaxes and smiles, even in public, when he thinks the cameras are turned away. Kim seems to tacitly harbor interests other than the reflective properties of her own ass. Her brother Rob is apparently interested in food, as in a lot of it, and in being a recluse, but the rest of them have been trying to whore him out on the gravy train, too, when really they ought to try to set him up in some low-stress semi-skilled trade.

Except for Kanye, with his musical career, none of these people could do nearly as well financially by being honorable and thoughtful as they’re doing by making asses of themselves. The incentives are all fucked up. They might not even do as well by taking on reputable roles as screen actors. It would be off-brand for Kim Kardashian, the daughter of a prominent defense lawyer, to write anything intelligent about, say, the law. That’s how wacked the system is.

This decadence is possible only in a society that maintains a separate low caste of crop pickers. As a middling constituent of Whitey, I am disfavored for these jobs because the local elites who run the farms would rather have an obsequious and unenfranchised workforce, and because elites at all levels of American society are more or less comfortable with the native population being fat, at loose ends, and, there but for the grace of God go we, disabled. I don’t always hire farm laborers, but when I do, I prefer Mexicans.


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