Mudsharks and white rage

One of the stories coming out about the Charleston church shooter, a troubled young white supremacist with the eerily apt name of Dylann Storm Roof, is that he got angry after a white girl he fancied took spurned him in favor of a black guy. A normal man, even a normal murderer, wouldn’t stew about this rejection for two years before massacring innocents at a church service because they’re of the same race as the man who stole his romantic interest, but it’s safe to say that Mr. Storm Roof is not a normal fellow. There’s something not quite right with his roommate, too, who didn’t contact police in the six months since Roof started telling him about his church massacre plan.

This isn’t a reasonable time to blame Whitey (here’s looking at you, Salon), even though Roof is Whitey in the worst sense of the term. Most white racists aren’t angry enough to kill black people. The roommate was probably just a callow dipshit with poor judgment: not surprising for someone who shacked up with an angry, marginal teenager who had fantasies of racial vengeance and an interest in low-rent Neo-Nazi records and haberdashery. There is, however, a seedy racial angle to this drama that ought to be considered carefully. What we have here seems to be a socially marginalized white dork (more on this, not surprisingly, at Chateau Heartiste) who had a girl poached from him by a rougher black guy. In this case, the provable facts are less important than Roof’s perceptions, since his perceptions were what drove him to murder nine black people, none of them the guy he blamed for stealing his girl and none of them connected to that guy. It’s worth keeping in mind that there are many socially and sexually marginalized young men in the United States today and many young white women seeking sex with rough black dudes rather than timid white guys without criminal records. These chicks are looking to get ravished by that mugshot guy from Stockton (he was at FCI Mendota last I checked; might be worth a trip, or at least a romance by mail, am I right, ladies?). They aren’t looking to ditch their trailer park ex-con dirtbag boyfriends in order to hang out with quiet squares from the projects who spend their free time drinking sodas at church socials, not even dancing.

This is what the alt-right realtalk types mean by “mudsharks.” For the most part, at least. Some of the invective against white women dating black men comes from racists who are intractably opposed to miscegenation, but most of it, I suspect, comes from white men who are upset watching white women spurn them for the roughest dark meat they can land. They’d be pissed if these chicks shacked up with white dirtbags, but the racial angle makes it more painful and provocative.

At the same time, there’s a tendency among both white and black men to sexually fetishize white women. Among the black underclass, it’s fairly often expressed as the desire to “rape a white bitch.” (Hat tip to Mike Cernovich, whom I must join in conveying greetings to my racist niggas. Piss be upon ye.) White knights of white skin are much less likely to want to commit sexual violence on attractive women. To the contrary, they suffer sociosexually precisely because they’re too timid and restrained around women, but they, too, do not want to “settle” for black girls. The assumption, shared by black underclass thugs and spergy white dorks alike, is that black girls just aren’t as hot as white girls. These guys apply a very crude rule of thumb to countless individual women who might be in their dating pools. They can’t imagine ending up, in any fashion, with a well-adjusted, smoking hot black Dominican chick. When they think of white girls, they generally assume (pretty much always for the white guys) shapely, slender, peppy cheerleader types who wear Abercrombie, not some horribly awkward, dumpy young lady in mom jeans and a cloak who has a Deviant Art account (of course) and a male best friend who dresses like Indiana Jones. She’ll let you get her out of her muumuu on the first date, but that won’t be happening; what you’ve seen of her fully dressed can hardly be unseen, and her social deficits aren’t helping. Maybe Taylor Swift would be interested in having you as sloppy seconds instead when you finally part ways with that bitchy cheerleader.

Wyomissing represent! Also, Allentown represent! Muumuu is still waiting here in Allentown, for the Pennsylvania she never found. Okay, I don’t know that for a fact, but I’m pretty sure that I’m the one who inspired her rant on Deviant Art about how “I hate men. I really do.”

You’ve got a friend.

Could game have saved lives by helping Dylann Storm Roof mack it with the white bitches? I doubt it. Guys like Roof and Elliot Rodger are basically unreachable. Rodger lived in California, where he could have had Chinese masseuses all over him at any number of walk-in massage parlors, as long as he behaved himself. Instead, he pined after unavailable American college girls who wouldn’t give him the time of day. Roof apparently spent a fair amount of time doing Neo-Nazi mufti cosplay in the woods and holed up in his apartment listening to white power heavy metal. Neither of these guys would have done well at bars and nightclubs. If they’d calmed down and stopped stewing in the bitterness of their own rejection, however, they might have done all right with hookers. Roof, who said that he almost called off his church massacre because the parishioners were so nice to him, probably would have hit it off with some “I heart White Boys” escort, if he’d had the sense to step away from his RaHoWa hologram. But that sort of thing is only possible if the white boy loves the black hooker back. At some point, one has to recognize that the time to play that funky music has come to an end. Roof was unwilling to call the adults’ hour and start seeing about finding women who were actually interested in him, for love or (most likely) money, instead of taking vengeance on the “community” because some black bastard had stolen his perfect white girl two years earlier.

Roof’s church massacre, and his rant about black men raping white women, probably wouldn’t have happened if he’d even occasionally been titty-fucking some thicky trick. The thing is, imagining what might not have happened if he had taken the initiative to hook himself up with the good stuff is like writing about how the Second World War might have turned out had Stauffenberg’s bomb not been put behind that damned table leg or how many prisoners’ lives might have been saved had Allied bombers taken out the gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau. What matters is that none of it actually happened. Dylann Roof was a reclusive, angry, sexually stunted dork who did not take action to get himself some action. What matters is that there are countless thousands of young men not all that different from him, stewing in their own sexual resentments, too proud or too narcissistic to hire professionals who will give them for a fee what the amateur girls they like won’t give them at any price. We may see more of this particular sort of violence in the months and years to come.


By the way, I have to agree with alt-right observers, including ones at CH, that the Charleston church shooting is a godsend to left-wing news outlets eager to dodge the awful, thorny problem of black-on-white racial violence, although I don’t go this far. Roof sounds like a loose cannon and a lone wolf, not the stuff of a false flag operative. He’s a low-functioning version of Eric Frein, certainly no Timothy McVeigh. If “they” (feds, CIA, Illuminati, whatever) want to orchestrate a false flag attack, they’ll do better than to hire some socially stunted, reclusive loser with low educational attainment and no military background to do their dirty work. Besides, in a country of 315 million, sensational incidents of white-on-black violence naturally come along every few years, and the media are adept at spinning trifling spats into national news stories. Rachel Dolezal is now a national household name among those who watch too much news.

Isn’t it a funny country, America.


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