Yes, there really is discrimination against men in the workplace

In the course of doing some light online research about discrimination against men in the workplace, and coming across some certifiable batshit, I found this piece at Chateau Heartiste about Cellular Solutions, a British telecom company that was found advertising an exclusively male upper management team and exclusively female lower and middle management teams. The mainstream gloss, the one used by the Cathedral, if you wish, was that this weird professional split by sex was proof of the glass ceiling. Roissy’s alt-right take was that it was proof of the “corporate harem,” i.e., of powerful alpha males using their employers to surround themselves with sexually attractive (and probably sexually receptive) women and corrupting the workplace into a sexual playground at the expense of increasingly marginalized beta males.

In this case, I have to come down squarely on Roissy’s side. The dichotomy in the screenshot in that link is damning. The women in the lower and middle management teams are preternaturally hot, especially for British chicks. Some of them are a bit homely under exacting standards of facial beauty, but that’s the worst of it. None of them stands out as definitely not at all good-looking. Tellingly, none of them is more than modestly Rubenesque, this in a country with a shameful, appalling prevalence of morbid obesity. BBW’s in the Nordic Countries are usually vigorous and fit, if not trim; in Britain, they’re routinely disabled by their own girth, as well as being God-awfully slovenly and churlish. This is in stark contrast to the fleet-footed confidence that I saw in the fat, none-too-pretty Finnish customs inspector who bounded through our train at Vainikkala and promptly started interrogating a group of Russians in quite civil, fluent, but rapid-fire English.

Britain has a lot of ugliness at its extremes, and at the lower extremes this very much includes physical ugliness. Despite this, Cellular Solutions managed not to hire any chicks who might make even a chubby-chaser like me think, damn, she’s a big fat fatty, let alone one who could compete with the truly thick bitches who get involved in either the operation or the suppression of the flesh trades in Over-the-Rhine. Not one of these chicks is fat enough to smooth out her curves. This wouldn’t be remarkable in, say, Italy, but we’re talking about England here.

There’s another thing: all of the women in that poster are white. Cellular Solutions is based in Hove, just outside Brighton. Without a doubt its applicant pool includes Londoners. A great many Londoners today are black or Asian, and a great many of these are perfectly employable in a professional office setting, especially the women among them. There’s a similar dynamic in US ghettos, with many fewer women than men being sucked into ruinous underclass pathologies. Britain, however, has a much less entrenched and serious racial problem than the United States. So here’s this company that’s based within easy recruiting distance of London, in a census area (Brighton and Hove) that was almost a fifth non-white as of 2011, and for both the executives and the office girls, it’s all Whitey at the top. Contra the Rolling Stones, Massa must not care for the dark meat.

None of this is the result of meritocracy. An office in the Home Counties doesn’t just end up with 27 of its 27 second- and third-tier staff being skinny or just barely chubby white girls, and overwhelmingly young ones at that. Management isn’t selecting for qualification or competence here; it’s selecting for suitability to corner-office rumpy-pumpy. There’s no way around it.

When I looked into Cellular Solutions, it came as no surprise that the company is based in Sussex and not in, say, Glasgow. There seems to be much more of that sort of shit in London and the Home Counties than in the rest of England, let alone in Scotland. What else, besides moving to points north, can a British jobseeker who isn’t young, slender, pretty, white, and female enough to pass muster against the other hotties do to work around this sort of antimeritocratic toxicity and find employment? Hell if I know. Bureaucratically and judicially, all of England sounds like a fucking mess. This corporate office turned halfway-whorehouse is just the tip of the iceberg. Scotland sounds less deranged, at least, but I don’t know enough to speculate accurately enough for my own satisfaction.

Reading about Cellular Solutions, I’m more disappointed than ever that Nicola Sturgeon hosted the Queen for her superduper jubilee thing the other month instead of telling her to bugger off to Balmoral because, my bloody fuck, your lot are a bunch of wankers. There’s something badly fucking wrong with England, and just about the same thing is equally wrong with the United States. Both of our countries have franchises of The Office, in any event.

There’s at least one dude shown on Cellular Solutions’ sales staff now, so I guess they got embarrassed or sued into compliance with nondiscrimination laws. We have an old court precedent stateside involving Southwest Airlines, in which the court ruled that Southwest’s core business was not “forthrightly to titillate the flying public,” or some such, the point being, that ain’t a whorehouse, boss, so you can’t just hire a bunch of whores. Look it up if you want; I’m not a blawgger, at least not tonight. British jurisprudence is fucked up enough that it probably doesn’t have such a precedent, or if it does, it was handed down through nonjudicial channels by subnormal bureaucratic tyrants with absolutely no sense of the rule of law. If that sounds incredible, go read some shit about ASBO’s.

Limeys, m’cracka. Limeys. Cocks and cunts.


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