Kayfabe while the county burns

Agnostic’s latest pile of creepy shit is a concurrence with Donald Trump that John McCain and Lindsey Graham are secret butt buddies, with Graham definitely on the bottom. I’ve always been ambivalent about Agnostic; he can be intellectually and morally brilliant, but he also has a pattern of truly vile divisiveness and has described engaging in real-life behavior that at least verges on bullying. His suggestion that Donald Trump is a civic actor for publicly speculating about the private sexual liaisons of Washington power players is sickening. Trump is twice divorced and married to a woman almost young enough to be his granddaughter, and if John McCain and Lindsey Graham in fact are or were sexually intimate with each other, it’s about as distracting from the nation’s actual business as political gossip can get. It’s since been lost in the fog of Trump’s other outrageous comments, but early in his campaign he smeared McCain’s war record, specifically the consensus that he was a war hero for surviving years of torture as a North Vietnamese POW. This was coming from the man Col. Morris Davis has called “Five Deferment Don.” McCain may have been a poor cadet at the Naval Academy, and he may have helped leave other POW’s behind enemy lines after his election to Congress (this is much murkier, and the truth may never be publicly known), but throughout his years of enemy captivity under conditions that most of us cannot really imagine, he was more honorable and admirable than Donald Trump has ever been in his entire life.

It may piss off members of the realtalk community to hear this, but Donald Trump has been receiving extensive help from the mainstream media for the duration of his run for office. Let’s not forget that before he launched his campaign, Trump was most recently known as A-list talent on NBC. His “reality” show was one of the coarsest shows of any genre on network television in the United States, predicated on his license to humiliate people who were nominally under his workplace authority. (In fairness, much of our television programming is objectively atrocious, and there are always numerous contenders for every top prize for broadcast filth.) Under the standard alt-right gloss, we’re to believe that this guy had top billing in Cathedral programming until a few months ago, when, after a decades-long career insinuating himself into the some of the most amoral crony capitalism and entertainment deals possible, he has found at the onset of his old age the courage to risk throwing it all away in order to tell forbidden truths to the voting public.

Here’s the eerie thing: no real scandals involving Trump have made the mainstream news for the duration of his current candidacy. The controversies over his outrageous, inflammatory comments that keep popping up like Whack-a-Moles and receiving breathless media coverage are not scandals; Trump has a longstanding reputation for rudeness that would be shocking to hear from most other public figures, so no matter how outrageous these comments are, they aren’t the least bit off-brand. All the crooked sweetheart deals he arranged with local governments have been left ignored. No spurned women have been trotted out to accuse him of adultery and heartbreak, even though he has a sloppy sexual history indicative of callousness and disloyalty towards women who have treated him well. The Monica Lewinsky pseudoscandal wasn’t any worse than trysts attributed to Donald Trump, or even to his serial marriages to younger and younger women.

No women have gone on television to accuse him of rape. If shadowy media barons with ties to the deep state wanted to smear Trump, they’d be able to find crisis actresses willing to perjure themselves for a fee. This is very likely what was done to Dominique Strauss-Kahn in New York. Donald Trump more or less fits the same bill. He has a reputation for family-wrecking sexual dissolution. So far, it has been presented in the mainstream media as evidence of his virility and success, but this is an easy reputation for the media to turn against a man. They had great success dragging Bill Clinton and those close to him through the mud over consensual extramarital affairs (oddly brushing the rape allegation by Juanita Broderick under the rug), even if Kenneth Starr and Larry “nasty, naughty boy” Craig emerged as greater asses.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governator of the State of Kehlifawnia, is another public figure whose proclivity for sexual aggression the  mainstream media have studiously ignored. A close family friend who has a mutual acquaintance with Schwarzenegger told me that their mutual acquaintance once set up a starstruck woman on a date with Schwarzenegger, at her insistence, but first warned her repeatedly that he was a serious creep. She went on the date anyway, and reported back afterwards that her fixer was right: Arnold had been powerfully creepifying. I have no reason to doubt this story. These stories get around. The industry grapevine doesn’t tell all, but it tells most. Still, no one with mainstream reach has done a hot Cosby on the Governor.

Trump is upending the Republican Party establishment. If no other organization has the motive to discredit him, the GOP does. It has command of some of the slickest communications organs on earth today. It has people behind the scenes with the money and the savvy to work around any mealymouthed, half-assed efforts by the Party’s nominal media allies (Fox News, etc.) and smear the hell out of Trump from unexpected directions. It hasn’t done so, at least not yet. These guys aren’t dumb, and they aren’t scrupulous. Maybe they are not in fact upset with Trump.

Recall how shabbily the mainstream media treated Ralph Nader in 2000. They marginalized him just by making him look like a dork, a boor, and a spoiler for George W. Bush. They did nothing to help him get a fair hearing on his actual platforms. In Soviet America, horse race runs YOU!

Now we have this oaf going around promising to abrogate entire amendments to the United States Constitution in response to a moral panic over Muslims, and the media are doing less to actually discredit him than they did to discredit a Green Party candidate who wasn’t even on track to rival Ross Perot’s share of the vote. They’re pretending to be critical of him, but they keep making him look good. These are crafty manipulators who damn well know how to make their enemies look bad. They’re probably sparing Donald Trump because he is in fact one of their own.


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