Shadow backing

High Arka insists that the neoreactionary movement is supported by heavy financial backing from the same Jewish elites that gave us feminism, i.e., that these elites are effectively arming both sides of the war for profit. My gut sense is that shadowy elites (their Jewishness ultimately being immaterial, most likely) are supporting a handful of neoreactionary sites, leaving the remainder to emerge naturally as part of a proliferating ecosystem of pathology. Specifically, Chateau Heartiste, Roosh V., and Return of Kings look to me like they receive undisclosed outside support. They just look too slick, manipulative, on-point, and prolific to be independent operations. Breitbart, for its part, is unabashed about its being a major institutional player in its own right, with all the presumptions of mass gaslighting and other shady power plays such a reputation carries.

Most other neoreactionary sites, on the other hand, look too independent-minded and idiosyncratic to be of much use to the sort of global elites that fund outlets like NBC, Fox News, or NPR, as well as the ridiculously crude corporate/DHS/DoD sock puppeteering found in the comment threads of various sites, often dissident ones of various political leanings. If mercenaries are in fact running these other #NRx sites, they have impressively intricate backstories. Given the embarrassing crudity the same elites find adequate in their other propaganda efforts, this is hard to believe.

Some examples: Mike Cernovich is lucid and exceptionally aboveboard about his personal circumstances. Mencius Moldbug is too intellectually deep even for me (some of his stuff may be bullshit or conspiracy theory nonsense, but not all of it is). Sunshine Mary is a crazy bitch who can’t properly deal with her own sexuality and elects to deal with the sexuality of third parties who didn’t ask for her officiousness instead. Whorefinder and Vox Day are paranoid, authoritarian nuts. Rollo Tomassi is too hangdog and withdrawn to really push buttons. Dalrock is somewhat more upbeat, but still awfully morose for someone who claims to be happily married with children. Delicious Tacos is an admitted dry drunk cockhound with a mess of a social and sex life. All of these authors are either too shamblingly kooky, subtle, or restrained to keep up with Chateau Heartiste or RoK, or to offer nearly their return on investment as agitprop vehicles.

The one major neoreactionary author I’m having trouble classifying offhand is Agnostic, the proud cracker proprietor of Face to Face. He’s clearly capable, intellectually and morally, of doing top-notch mercenary work for some of the worst elites on earth, but he also has a credible backstory (including childhood photographs) and a tendency to wander off the reservation with whatever socioeconomic, demographic, or cultural trends capture his attention at the moment. In tone, he sounds much more like he’s in it for sport than for meat. By his own admission, he enjoys “pushing losers around,” online and in real life. High Arka has described him as a mixed-race British agent, I assume somewhat tongue-in-cheek, although I can’t say for sure. As far as I can tell, Agnostic is a legit local bully from the North Appalachians who doubles his jollies by using sexual and ethnic slurs online. I’ve known boys and men like him. They’re assholes who usually shut the fuck up in the presence of meaningful adult supervision. Such people we will have with us always, but, if I recall the Gospels correctly, Jesus never commanded anyone to structure society so as to successfully harbor them.

One of the glaring problems with American society is that open bullies are celebrated in many circles, while no one with the moral clarity to socially subjugate them has the wherewithal to do so and provide, dare I say, the safe space for those they’ve bullied to develop some self-confidence and competence in life. This isn’t because the American public at large is uniformly sadistic, by the way: a huge number of ordinary Americans have exactly the moral clarity I just described, and they apply it in their own work and social lives as best they can; it’s just that they’re overwhelmed if they try to take territory back from the barbarians, so they generally don’t try.

Another huge problem, closely related to the preceding one, is that there is a vocal and probably sizable population of timid little shits who make a point of brownnosing bullies and positioning themselves just above the lowest of the low, usually in the hope of currying favor from predators who would otherwise scare and humiliate the living daylights out of them. These include 4F incel dorks who flatter firearms, police, and the military in blatant plays to be accepted by the cool kids as an equal. I’ve worked with such people, and I find them truly pathetic. I feel no urge to unctuously support our troops in the abstract when one of our closest family friends is an active-duty major in the US Army, or to fervently express my own ammosexuality when one of my own best friends is an avid bow hunter who tries to bag a deer or two every winter.

The online expression of this timidly belligerent goody-two-shoes authoritarianism is usually a dumpster fire. I’ve described before the profoundly creepy spergitude of Feryl, Agnostic’s peanut gallery regular. Whorefinder dropped by Face to Face recently, too, for some hardcore creep synergy. (Whores of the Internet isn’t devoted to doxxing actual whores so much as amateur skanks, and to making gratuitous rape references. The way Whorefinder claims to feel about women who were secretly loose in the past is roughly how a normal woman would feel upon learning that her husband is a prolific internet bigot in his anonymous life.) A bullying victim, current or former, has to be one sorry fucking bastard to seek shelter and guidance from exactly the sort of men who have been bullying him since puberty or before. I’ve been that sorry bastard, so I know. But at least I try to keep some healthy backup options available in my social life. Some of these guys don’t even try. It comes through in their blog comments. They’re clearly thinking, maybe he’ll stop beating me up if I stop inadvertently offending him. So they listen to these other blowhards who are all like, I used to be a little beta bitch, but then I took the red pill, and now I slay hella pussy. They keep listening to and putting credence in the bullshit artistry of guys who keep cockblocking them by making them look inept while simultaneously bragging about their own sexual conquests.

This is how the red pill community organically coalesces in the ether. Independent prostitutes could stop it cold by soliciting the incels as they encounter them. This pathology feeds off the stigma of prostitution. There just aren’t enough mercyfuckers in the land to civilize this wasteland. (Maybe Australian amateur chicks are drunk enough. I wouldn’t put it entirely past them.) Some usually-amateur chick figuring that this doofus here might pay her, like, $30 or $70 or whatever for some impromptu forking and spooning, and that it’s tolerable enough work if you can get it, might realize afterwards that she gave the guy a steep discount on prevailing rates, but calling that a mercy fuck is like calling Uber a “sharing” platform. A partial mercy fuck, maybe. I gave Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law a wicked steep discount by picking their blueberries for $2.80 an hour or some shit, and that was no mercy pick. My stepcousin did better than that, hour for hour, as his landlady’s gigolo, and those two were both low-rent. True story, I did worse on an hourly basis than the cheapest milquetoast streetwalkers in Over-the-Rhine, and that job involved being yelled at by a crazy lady. (In fairness, they probably have more downtime between jobs.) I wasn’t keeping up with the “do you mind paying $20?” crowd.

This is what happens when everybody butts into everybody else’s sex life and goes around gossiping about it immediately afterwards. Naturally whorish women are afraid to ease into casual positions sexually servicing undersexed men in their social circles for fear that they’ll be labeled skanks or disciplined by their schools or employers, so the incel men often end up pestering uncomfortable women ill-suited to prostitution instead. The squeamish idiots who set trends and social norms for everyone else find the former prospect yucky, unlike the club scene, apparently. Of course, it’s hard to have a girls’ night out if the girls start accepting bids and leaving to fulfill them by ten o’clock, and then staying up all night on business, maybe telling their clients, no, dude, I’m the one spinning plates here. A great deal of the club scene is clique leaders being assholes to everyone else, with a liberal helping of fin-dom in the form of compulsory cover charges in order to stay cool because we totally have to go there. The truth is, as sex-drenched as American popular culture is, Americans these days spend too little time fucking each other and far too much time blundering into hormonally charged positional violence at nightclubs, if they aren’t currently busy with internet flame wars.

The bellyachers who whine that prostitution is sinful, or project their fantasies of rape and coercion onto it, miss the truth that the perfect is the enemy of the good. No one out at the nightclubs in Manayunk is planning to go to church right now anyway. Besides, Philadelphia’s a big enough city that there’s Sunday mass until, like, six or eight in the evening. Compulsory mass celibacy, however (not, since I think of it, compulsory celibacy for the duration of mass), is the fount not of mass sexual virtue, but of socially and sexually marginalized doofuses giving me ten thousand page views a year for that disgusting essay about Arab sheikhs having group diarrhea on extremely high-end call girls, which I wrote on a whim. I keep an eye on the stats, and that’s what lures the public over here.

That’s how men act when they can’t hire prossies. Marriage for the purpose of satiating their burning lust? You can’t be serious about marrying them before they’ve been civilized by whores, who are the only women who will touch them that intimately until they’ve been mellowed out by the yucky-yucky nook-nook.

If these guys aren’t sexually tutored by hookers, they’ll be sexually tutored by the internet, and we’ve seen how well that’s going. Maybe it’s by design that it’s going that way, but we ought to do better by them, because if we aren’t careful, they’ll seriously fuck our shit up. We’re all living in Mr. Rodger’s neighborhood now.


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