You won’t have Jeb Bush to beat around anymore

At long last, one of the most poisonous political rivalries in US history is drawing to its insipid conclusion. Jeb Bush showed up for his coronation and started getting butthurt when it was not forthcoming. Then he got baited into that extended schoolyard fight with the class bully, to his own humiliation and to his nation’s great coarsening.

There is something very wrong with both Bush and Donald Trump psychosexually. It’s the whinging dork chronically left at the mercy of the suave terror no one in a position of authority has the stones to subdue. These ugly dynamics exist in any society because we are slaves to the sinful nature, and they will always exist pending the glorious Millennium, the drying of all eyes, or whatever. This does not, however, mean that they should be left unchallenged, let alone celebrated. They set a hellishly bad example, especially during a secular high in bullying and hazing, such as is currently being endured in much of the West, especially the United States. For the principals in two national political campaigns to be personally engaged in such a public psychosexual standoff, not even delegating the dirty tricks to proxies, is unconscionable.

Donald Trump has clearly been the more culpable party here. It became obvious after a few of these horrific exchanges that Jeb Bush is too socially maladroit and easily thrown off to hold his own against a scummy big man on campus like Trump. He should have known better and been more self-controlled than to take the bait, but Trump, as the natural leader of the two, had an absolute moral duty to refrain from publicly baiting the dork. He could have demolished Bush on his positions, especially immigration, but he chose to hit below the belt. He chose to be socially predatory. No healthy society would reward this sort of distracting, corrosive cruelty.

In addition to his public bullying, Bush treated us to his hamfisted attempt to publicly resolve a longstanding beef with daddy and his jerkoff brother. Apparently he’s the family dork, too, which is just fucking dandy. He’ must have been habituated since childhood to be the scapegoat, never appreciated for his all his virtue and all his effort. It’s quite possible that his public declarations of fidelity to and love for his wife doubled as passive-aggressive jabs at his father, a prolific adulterer. By being his own unique self, he made a worse and worse ass of himself with these declarations as the campaign wore on, interspersing these professions of pair bonding with schoolmarmish scolding and insinuations that he wanted someone to spank him for being a bad boy. This was some embarrassing shit, but for sheer immorality, it has nothing on the vile things said by Jeb’s shitlord haters.

This dumpster fire was probably at least two generations in the making, and after half a century of Mick Jagger, hippies, yuppies, dot-commers, reality television stars, and other assorted domineering gobshites, it was probably inevitable. It’s smoldering to an end now, and not a day too soon.

5 thoughts on “You won’t have Jeb Bush to beat around anymore

  1. From all the Bush family reference material I’ve ever looked at, it seems like that was Jeb’s role throughout his whole life. The fact that Jeb so blatantly went up there to look like a repeated fool in front of Trump is the best piece of available evidence that Trump is some kind of Manchurian candidate. Trump’s daughter went Jewish, but once she was an Americanized adult, so that doesn’t suffice. Jeb, though–was he really that confused? He could’ve at least “accidentally” bumped loose Trump’s wig.

    All that said, an amply blessed old patriarch, with millions upon millions of dollars and lifetime political power and military protection, should be expected to be assertive and responsible. Jeb’s mistake may have been thinking that, unlike his brother, he could operate without handlers.

    • Oh Christ, I just read the akinokure commentary about Jeb, and now I see where you got the motivation to use “psychosexual.” That is some nasty vicarious autoeroticism going on over there.

      Muh amygdala.

      • Ha! Don’t forget Chateau Heartiste, though. CH has been running some seriously fucked up Jeb content, too. They’re all playing with the same talking points.

        My own amygdala is numb to it by now, but yes, these are some sick, sick puppies. I guess they keep guys around who actually believe that a bigshot alpha like Trump will hook them up with the HB-10 poontang. There must be some dumber-than-dogshit male virgins in the alt-right peanut gallery, because one of the most predictable things in the world is that an alpha without a powerful moral compass will use the betas around him as dorky counterpoints to accentuate his own sexual market value at their expense. I’ve been on the receiving end of this countless times, but I quickly recognized the pattern and started hiring hookers after a few years, partly as a way of bypassing all the bullshit. The words fail me to describe how fucked up it is for a man not to notice that he’s getting screwed over in this fashion year after year.

        Donald v. Jeb was the political manifestation of every MRA/PUA comment thread from hell. It was eerie how perfectly these guys played their textbook roles. My gut feeling about this showdown was always that it was the result of particularly bad timing that brought one of America’s worst bullies face to face (heh) with a dutiful but entitled dork at his most thin-skinned, although since you mentioned the specter of conspiracy, the Twilight Zone theme music is stirring in my mind. The coincidence is a bit creepy, come to think of it.

        In any event, as a country we needed a political bullying of the dork like we needed a hole in the head. With Jeb finally out, I’m as relieved as I’ve ever been during this race. One of the two had to go, for the country’s sake, and as it happened, the one who withdrew was the one with the far creepier economic policies.

    • From what I’ve heard, Jeb didn’t behave so pitifully as governor of Florida, and I don’t recall that sort of abject weirdness from public comments of his before this race. His recent presidential run seems to really brought his inner loser out to play.

      You should check out the “Jeb Bush gets felt up at a rally” Photoshop battle on Reddit. Even the original picture is like something out of South Park. I don’t remember anything like that involving him from before 2015, in contrast to the near-constant stream of public jackassery on the part of his brother.

    • Also, I don’t get the feeling that Jeb is a skilled actor, for what it’s worth. Much less skilled that W, I’d say. Quite a bit of his dipshit behavior this time around was probably a function of his impatience to be POTUS already.

      If this whole spat was actually part of an elaborate charade on both sides, holy fucking shit. It’s the kind of thing that would make me question all of existence. Yikes.

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