We’re being played

There’s something eerie about the dramatic change of Republican debate tone from dick-measuring contest last week to adulthood last night. It just doesn’t look natural. In a way, it’s more disturbing than the out-of-control crudity of the discourse on small hands. Honest bullying is, for all its faults, honest, as was Rubio’s patently try-hard show of being an unchaperoned schoolyard prick to Trump. The about-face on tone, however, suggests that these guys can be tuned like radios. It suggests that they’re dangerously good actors. We’ve had an actor as president before, of course, and Contra the GOP propaganda, so to speak, it wasn’t a particularly upstanding presidency, or even a consistently lucid one, in the most clinical sense possible. The Gipper quite enjoyed his vacations from reality, sometimes on live television.

What we have to wonder now is whether it isn’t all just kayfabe. If the bullying was kayfabe, is the civility also kayfabe? Is Donald Trump’s admiration of an “elegant debate” kayfabe? Is anything about anyone left in the Republican field not fake? Kasich seems kinda, sorta sincere, but at this point, who the fuck can really tell?

The establishment attacks on Trump have gotten desperate. The campaign is bipartisan, by the way, uniting the center-right haut bourgeois shitbird constituency of the Republican Party with the center-right haut bourgeois shitbird constituency of the Democratic Party. This is why CNN, nominally a center-left outlet, helped trot out Mitt Romney to ceremonially denounce Donald Trump. The speech had a rather Wow Very friendship ended None mudasir Where salman look to it. Romney, a scion of middling old money and second-generation governor with a history of barely not criminally unethical business practices, denounced Trump, a scion of rapidly aging new money and beneficiary of significant family handouts, for scummy business practices including fraud, but also for having failed in the mail-order steak and startup airline businesses. The 47% takers guy with the extremist starve-the-beast running mate is now one of the premier defenders of the Grand Old Party against a populist upstart threatening to destroy it. This makes many of us who aren’t bourgeois supremacist shitbirds wonder whether the GOP isn’t so much grandly old as it is a mean old junkyard dog that should have been euthanized years ago. Every time some warrior of the old guard is brought out to defend the Republican Party against the new kids on the block who are destroying it, what the old guard is defending turns out to be something that should never have existed as a mainstream platform position in a major party in a First World constitutional republic. Shit, just take that thing out in the back forty and put a twelve-gauge slug in the back of its head, it’s been biting us long enough by now.

On the nominal left, the establishment has been tone-policing the living daylights out of Bernie Sanders while letting Hillary Rodham (((Clinton))) off Scot free. (((IT ISN’T JUST FOR THE (((JEWS))) ))). This isn’t working because Honey Sanders don’t care, and neither does his base. If the media were actually left-wing, they’d support the left-wing candidate. Instead they’re supporting the center-right imperial kleptocrat running against him, accusing him of sexism, and then, when the election returns come in and Sanders wins, occasionally admitting that “black voters” are a category error. Sanders is probably right that he’s too liberal for Southern Democrats. The talking heads gave Bernie a talking-to about his supposed ghetto gaffe, as if this will alienate ghetto voters from him. If bourgeois-supremacist black voters need a reason to vote against him,  they can use that. Among voters who actually live in the ghetto (in the ghetto) (sorry, but not really), this comment will do nothing to derail his campaign. I’ve heard about poll results showing that support for Sanders among black voters has a nearly perfect positive correlation with name recognition, as well as complaints by black youngsters about the Boomers holding them back (gee, where have I heard that before?). The Clintons have historically been among the Good Ones by Community consensus, but lately they’ve been getting filthy rich while the national economy has gone into the crapper, and voters (yes, black ones, too) have been taking notice.

Michael J. Smith, whose feelings about the franchise are somewhat more cynical than my own, has some entertaining comments seconding my complaints about the Sanders sexism meme. All I feel like adding right now is that bitch I am not oppressing you if you have a nine-figure net worth and I’m sleeping in my car every other night, and neither is Bernie Sanders.

Rod Blagojevich is probably right to counsel young people against going into politics. Look at the company they’ll have to keep.


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