Bo-Bos in paradise with a hot summer on the horizon

Sometimes Donald Trump makes some sense as an unlikely latter-day FDR, working to curb the excesses of his own upper class in the hope of keeping the guillotines at bay and, just maybe, out of a genuine sense of noblesse oblige and concern for the direction of his nation. Then he inevitably gets caught up in some outrageous scandal, or in some outrageously embarrassing situation that ought to be a scandal, regardless of how the media are treating it.

To wit, his endorsement by Maximum Shanda Sheldon Adelson. It’s possible even for an appallingly vulgar man like Trump to improve his reputation by keeping good company. Shandamax is about as bad as company gets: a caricature of a conniving international Jew, miserable even in his appearance, raking in money from a constellation of casinos and God knows what other shady and sleazy businesses while using straw buyers to purchase newspapers of record for the purpose of neutering their newsrooms for use as his court eunuchs and stenographers. I’m not really close to anyone around Las Vegas, but I don’t think I’m going out on much of a limb to suspect that a great many Clark County Jews consider Adelson a terrible schmuck, if not an embarrassment to the Tribe, and that Adelson’s actual base of support is limited to a fairly small but not ethnically uniform entourage of PR and security mercenaries, starfuckers, coattail clingers, and similarly socially climbing trash, plus maybe some casino employees who are grateful to him for giving them jobs without being censorious, treacly dipshits who rally to protect their benefactor from all criticism.

Shandamax is one ugly bastard, and I don’t say this because I enjoy making fun of people just for being funny-looking. Any decent politician with a sense of embarrassment would express disgust at earning the endorsement of such a shitty creep. It’s worrisome, then, that Trump hasn’t publicly gotten all Wow Such Yuck about having Adelson on his side. Then again, he probably considers Maximum Shanda a fellow casino mogul. This raises a perennial question about Trump: how can he sincerely want to restore honorable, productive, adult industries to the United States–mining, logging, milling, all sorts of heavy manufacturing–when so much of his own business history has been one of gambling, slightly less obvious bottomfeeding scams, and coarse showmanship? Is this fucker for real?

There’s a scary possibility that Trump and Clinton are somehow being used by the oligarchs to divide and conquer an electorate that might otherwise be able to turn out a majority vote for the sort of explicit socialism that Bernie Sanders has been promising. Trump and the Clintons are obscenely wealthy, of course, regardless of their net worth at any given moment, but there are deeper layers of power that they serve. The Clintons have famously whored themselves out to Goldman Sachs and various foreign governments, many of these duplicitous at best and belligerently hostile at worst. Trump names casinos and condo towers after himself; the Saudi kings have named an entire sovereign nation after themselves, in exactly the same linguistic fashion as “Trumpy America,” and various arms of the Clinton crime family have done their bidding. Trump himself was primetime NBC talent before he ran for the presidency, has been accused by forensic accountants of overstating his net worth by a factor of twenty or more, is believed by some financially astute observers to have a negative net worth, and is widely believed to have hustled corporate and individual benefactors for free shit throughout his career.

It’s impossible to say for sure, then, that he’s his own man and not an asset of much wealthier and more powerful shadow patrons. These patrons may well figure that it’s worth the cost of allowing Trump to play Ottoman emperor on his gold-plated private 757 because he distracts the public from their own wealth, somehow legitimizes extreme wealth by making it look cool, or is generally useful and lucrative as television talent and a conduit for the misappropriation of public and corporate funds. It’s worth mentioning that one of Trump’s smaller jets was recently found flying on an expired FAA registration. This is absolutely not how old money families or halfway well-run companies maintain their private air fleets. (Well, maybe old money families that are quietly falling into what they melodramatically regard as hard times.)

For what it’s worth, I assumed until a year or two ago that Trump was Jewish. It just stood to reason because he was a greasy blowhard from New York, and “Trump” was exactly the sort of new country name that I’d expect an unusually narcissistic Jewish immigrant (or second- or third-generation social climber) to assume for business and self-aggrandizement reasons. Donald Tokowitz could have chosen to anglicize himself into a Miller or a Smith or, hell, a Sanders, but instead Midas turned himself into Sterling. I always assumed that Trump had done something of the sort and chosen “Trump” because it sounded grandiose. I didn’t have a particular feeling about just how Jewish he was, nor did I care. As the descendant of New York Jews myself, I never assumed him to be typical of (((us))) anymore than I assumed male nurses to be typified by Charles Cullen, Sexy Male Nurse Lynn Majors, or that guy who got into trouble for murdering his wife, the Nevada Secretary of State, in part because he used a suspiciously nursey-nurse sort of lethal injection to do the deed. It’s mainly that I don’t write about the ones who are not useful as tasteless internet memes. Mounties who serve their country and their constituents honorably serve in obscurity, unless they’re Kevin Vickers, in which case they’re still eclipsed in these pages by Northside Juice and the Shady Blues. In any event, Trump as a Jew made sense in a way that Trump as a public Presbyterian does not. I’ve known some Five Points Presbyterians in my day, and they were a bunch of crazy freaks, but at least they were sincerely schismatic. Trump doesn’t give a shit about Presbyterian anything except as a proxy assertion of WASP street cred, although, to be fair, Hillary is ever so much more obnoxious about her own Methodism, which she uses with nearly Sharptonian profanity to distract the gullible from her rapacious venality. Nixon could mutter “Christ” all night and never hold a candle to that screeching shrew.

The actual Jew in this year’s race, Bernie Sanders, acts nothing like Trump or Clinton. He doesn’t seem to socialize with their crowd, and he seems sincerely disgusted that they’ve been plundering the commonweal and immiserating ordinary Americans. The Clintons, of course, famously attended the Donald’s third wedding, the one to his current Slovenian creep, although this incident has been suppressed by the mainstream media, its curation and publicity left to internet-sensei. Bizarrely enough, Sanders and Trump are campaigning on much of the same platform, although expressed differently for audiences with divergent aesthetic sensibilities. The question, again, is whether Trump is running another con on the American public. NPR is full of shit when it brings shills onto its programs to insist, from the bottom of their own hearts, of course, that Trump’s support is driven by nothing but white racism. Racism is an element of it, and sometimes all too large an element, but his message on trade has a degree of coherence and honesty that has been sorely missing from the bipartisan consensus dating back to the presidential administratino of the other Clinton. The shills and the hosts have no fucking idea of how Trump’s white supporters live, support themselves, or socialize. Quite a few of these whiteys, I’m sure, have black friends from work and are angry that Americans, period, are being shut out of honorable lines of work that used to allow a man to support his family on a single paycheck.

Sanders, like Trump, talks a good story on industrial policy. Unlike Trump, he also has a track record, in Burlington and in Congress, of implementing aggressive industrial policy with the goal of maximizing job security for his constituents. Of the three remaining major-party candidates, Clinton is the least credible on industrial policy, e.g., for proposing to do to West Virginia coal miners what Lady Thatcher so properly did to disfavored parts of Wales, the Midlands, and the North. Old Maggie figured that they were probably gobshites anyway for not being respectable Home Counties homebodies; Hillary figures that they’re losers for not being college-educated residents of a few hip ZIP codes coastside from the fall line, yuppie colonists of a few favored corners of flyover country, or nominal beneficiaries of some ethnic patronage machine that doesn’t really deliver the goods, which makes them losers, but at least they’re her losers.

I increasingly wonder why the bourgeois supremacist assholes making up the high end of Clinton’s coalition haven’t been told to either shut the fuck up for the sake of decency or get the hell out of the Democratic Party. Much of the establishment animosity towards Sanders and his base is coming from exactly the claque of self-referential, condescending bougies who have been destroying the Democratic Party for the last few decades. These people do not want to share a party and a platform with people who are actually marginalized and who demand actual respect for themselves and other marginalized people. There have always been embarrassingly snobbish elements within the Democratic Party, but they used to have to share the stage with trade unionists, and consequently they were under significant pressure to tone down the damn condescension.

The Democratic Party may crack up this year because downmarket constituencies that it has historically claimed to support are demanding a place at the table after five successive presidential administrations in the wilderness and the bourgeois supremacists are butthurt that these losers insist on having a say. As P. J.  O’Rourke’s Anacostia friend put it, “I lives here. Can I come in?” Practically the entire Republican establishment explicitly wants to throw these same constituencies into lifelong poverty as moral medicine. Trump is the only prominent exception, assuming, again, that he isn’t bullshitting everyone. Anyone with socialist inclinations in any area of government is well advised to distrust Hillary Clinton and everyone around her on account of her and her husband’s stunning career of self-dealing and triangulating malice. There’s similar cause to distrust Trump on account of his history of sleaze and coarseness in public life and his increasing reconciliation with a Republican Party whose platform remains designed to ruin the vulnerable on behalf of the powerful.

The Democratic Party deserves to break up spectacularly if its kingmakers continue using dirty tricks to crown the likes of Hillary Clinton. An organization with an objective that ugly does not have a morally decent reason to exist. It’s turning into a veal pen under the dominion of prickly sleazeballs like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and that whiny bitch in Nevada who’s complaining that strangers have told her to burn in hell for trying to gavel the Bernie partisans at the state convention into silence while she stuffed the national convention slate with pet delegates on a dais surrounded by off-duty cops. Bernbots didn’t spam-call her workplace for nothing. They did it because, beyond a threshold that the Clinton machine has crossed in the past, the policies that the Party is trying to secure with dirty tricks will cause pain in the provinces that Beltway mandarins and their satraps cannot fathom. This chaos didn’t come out of nowhere. It’s intrinsically ugly, but I’m afraid that it’s in service of something crucial and hence not as unjustifiable as the party establishment is making it out to be. Hillary’s style of government looks more and more like Chicago-grade corruption without Chicago-grade constituent services.

The alternatives to floor fights, even violent ones, may be hunger, homelessness, untreated mental and physical illness, chronic unemployment, domestic violence, and suicide among the losers her proxies keep dismissing as butthurt annoyances and now thugs. The garbage policies that the Clintons have implemented in the past have ruined countless workaday Americans while a smug bourgeois minority points and laughs. This may end with a lot worse than some socialists hurling chairs and placing high-volume phone calls to the workplace of a regional party enforcer. Hillary keeps leading the Democratic Party towards a real Marie Antoinette moment. If you’ve heard of France, you may know that this story doesn’t always end well.

We’re dealing with leading families that may plunge the republic into violence verging on civil war if they don’t yield, and we’re being chided for not being civil to these looting oligarchs while they insult us. Fuck them. Per Brandenburg, I’m not entirely for a literal, physical pushback, but I’m not aginnit, either. And, as always, I’m not the one who flew back to Arkansas to order the execution of a guy so retarded that he saved his dessert for afterwards. It’s better to have the bitch watered by R. Kelly than to have the tree of liberty watered anew by the blood of patriots, etc., but no analogy can match what the Clintons have actually done in high office. Some hotheads running interference for the socialist dark horse upset a party enforcer after she tried to clear the path for the ninth through twelfth years of Clinton executive plunder? Cry me the fucking Truckee River. These people don’t know real pain. They’ve shielded themselves from it. I can’t really object to the proposition that it’s time for pain to know them.


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