Tangles with the tone police: if Hillary keeps up this attitude, she’ll lose the election

Donald Trump has suggested, in response to the Two Minutes Hate against Father Putin and Mother Russia for hacking and leaking the DNC’s very scandalous e-mails, that Russia do likewise with Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server as a public service. True to form, #ImWithHer is having a fit. NPR paraphrased someone from her campaign insinuating that Trump’s abetting of foreign espionage against his opponent is an unprecedented low in US presidential politics. Presumably the campaign ignored, or is flat ignorant of, the actual history of presidential campaigning, which got started in the late eighteenth century with dueling accusations of hermaphroditism, treason, and incest. What we have today is the campaign of a barely unindicted habitual public felon trying to shame its opponent for encouraging a state-sponsored whistleblower data dump by THE SAME FOREIGN POWER THAT WARNED THE FBI ABOUT TAMERLAN TSARNAEV.

Color me scandalized by the felon rather than the rude fellow, I guess. The Democrats, presumably the liberal party, are pretty fucking illiberal on this matter. They’re saying that it’s beyond the pale for their opponent to make rude comments about their nominee, the one who smeared and slashed her way to the top, that involve irreverent references to espionage by a surprisingly friendly hostile power that has them all butthurt for reasons that have never been properly explained (Rothschild stuff? Banker scams? Great Game armchair butchery?). Trump’s comments are 100% absolutely without a fucking doubt protected by Brandenburg v. Ohio, while Clinton’s actions at the State Department and the Clinton Foundation are, like, half-assedly 20% protected by Loretta Lynch and James Comey. There is free speech that is heinous but protected; this is merely a tiny bit rude to a power-hungry cutthroat but protected, and the Clinton machine wants to shame Trump into silence for uttering it.

Fuck you, Hillary.

The Clintons floated one of their lackeys to pile on to Julian Assange as well, apparently in retaliation for his having caused Debbie and the gang to have their recent mad. Assange has said that Wikileaks has unreleased materials that would be evidence enough for an indictment of Hillary Clinton. This lackey’s response? He doesn’t take Assange seriously. This is how they conceive of their enemies: the confrontational is the threatening is the evil is the ridiculous is the cowardly is the disreputable. Can you imagine George Patton carrying on at some press conference about how Rommel is nothing but a lily-livered fucking chickenshit Hun coward and honestly he doesn’t give a shit about what that Kraut loser is planning for battle tactics? Can you imagine MacArthur saying, “Yamamoto? More like HA-mamoto! Hahaha!” We used to be led by politicians and military commanders who knew the difference between evil and cowardice, between hatred of their enemies and willful, grandstanding ignorance of them. Patton was something of a piece of shit, but he wasn’t a childish blithering idiot who tried to dis his enemies into humiliated submission. Julian Assange obviously directs one of the most competent hacking organizations on earth today, possibly the most competent non-state hacking organization period. If his targets take anything seriously, they should take him and Wikileaks seriously, just as Patton took the German military seriously, like what he might have called a fucking adult.

The Clinton campaign’s attack on Assange is actually even worse than that, given his de facto indefinite house arrest within the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for what are tacitly but very obviously political crimes amounting to high-profile, government-embarrassing dissent. The Clinton machine is publicly smearing the character of the Cardinal Mindszenty of our age: nothing at all Soviet about that.

Damn the lot of them. They aren’t leftists, they have to be badgered for months to make even a half-assed attempt to catfish as supporters of socialist programs that consistently enjoy the support of two thirds of the American public, and they aren’t even liberal in any meaningful sense of the term. A liberal would tolerate a politician making rude, tittering comments about how cool it would be for a controversial foreign government to expose an even more controversial American politician as a crook and a liar. Trump is the liberal on this matter. I don’t see any other explanation for it. And since he’s pissing them off so and getting them into such a panic, I suspect that he’s onto something. He’s getting a clue. Watch out; he may get a clue so solid that he shoots clue goo all over Joe. If Milton Street went out in front of City Hall and said the same things to anyone present who didn’t have something better to do for the afternoon, no one in the Clinton campaign would give a shit. They’re hot and bothered by Trump’s accusations because he isn’t really a Miltonian clown.

I can’t say that I have an objection to the Russian intelligence services hacking and leaking Clinton’s State Department e-mails. She almost certainly used that private server as a cheap scheme to evade FOIA. I have no objection to Mother Russia going full digital Watergate on whatever they can find on the Clinton Foundation, too, which sounds pretty seedy and crooked from what has been described of it so far. If Vladimir Putin and Julian Assange held a joint press conference on the embassy balcony to discuss the yield of their dirt mining, I’d have a good reason to watch television instead of SVU reruns. (If that poor fellow is ever given safe passage across London, he’ll never have the courage to look at an Embassy Suites ever again.)

Liberty can be many things, but a notorious serial felon in high office presuming herself above the law, voraciously applying the law to lesser people, and using state-connected mass media to dictate the terms of the national politics is not one of them.

Fuck that bitch. I pick fruit, boss; don’t tell me what kind of language to use. Fuck that bitch.

Fifty-year political realignments are crazy, guys. Welcome to the nuthouse.


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