Racist cops

They exist, but there’s more than just race driving them to abuse their power and make black people’s lives hell, and some of the notorious ones were really either trying to enforce the class system or caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let’s review some recent examples:

Johannes Mehserle: Probably not racist. Sure, he probably had and continues to have some version of the pedestrian prejudice and wariness that whites generally have towards blacks, but I never got the sense that this prejudice significantly colored (heh) his duty as a police officer. He immediately expressed shock and remorse after shooting Oscar Grant, and the shooting involved the accidental use of a sidearm instead of a stun gun designed to look and feel like exactly like a duty sidearm, all in the thick of an extremely chaotic melee on a crowded subway platform. Mehserle is not the only cop to inadvertently kill someone by mistakenly drawing a pistol instead of a Taser, but he’s the only cop to get raked over the coals in the mainstream press for having done so.

Here’s something else to #NeverForget: Kwesi Millington accomplished the same outcome through an ostensibly more legitimate process. Compared to Oscar Grant, Robert Dziekanski is no less dead. #StayWoke. Northside Juice discharged his duties all too completely, we might say, by accidentally killing a man with a nonlethal service weapon. Mehserle discharged his own by accidentally killing a man with an officially lethal service weapon even though he meant to draw the same brand of nonlethal weapon that had hooked Dziekanski up with that BC Hydro.

Mehserle looks like a good cop who made a terrible, tragic mistake on account of atrocious equipment design, training, and command standards in his profession. He should be pardoned and cleared for duty as soon as he and a command staff agree that he’s fit to return to the job. Millington could probably be reformed into a decent cop, with stipulations that his retraining be done the hell away from Depot and that he first have his white ally Rundel set him up with enough fish business to clear his head of that stupid Communicate to Create bullshit.

Daniel Holtzclaw: Serially raping black women in a racially mixed city certainly looks racist, and the self-loathing Hapa thing didn’t help the Claw look like he wasn’t trying to assert a color-coded pecking order. #SuckWhiteDick. At the same tiem, he preyed on vulnerable, marginalized, poor women with criminal records (until Jannie Ligons) in a city where this demographic is disproportionately black. In an overwhelmingly white city, he might well have committed the same crimes against poor white victims with criminal records (he would have been all too good a cultural fit with the Albuquerque Police Department), and in a city with a large Asian minority (especially poor Asians entangled with the criminal justice system, e.g., Cambodians) he might well have preyed in the same fashion on Asian victims, betting that they, too, had never sucked white dick before.

Darren Wilson: Specifically, the white Darren Wilson, since there’s also a black Darren Wilson in St. Louis law enforcement. Claiming that a black guy who got insolent when he was asked not to walk down the middle of the street looked like a monster sounds super racist. Also, Wilson has been accused of what is frankly torture under color of authority by a woman who claims that he pepper-sprayed her, then threatened to arrest her and a good Samaritan who administered her first aid by applying milk to her eyes. That’s why the creep really belongs in jail.

Betty Shelby: Scared for her life by an upset but peaceable black guy who was having car trouble while her eye-in-the-sky hubby white-knighted her from a pig chopper, alarming her with stories about what a big, bad dude Terence Crutcher looked like from on high, so maybe there were some command problems in Tulsa involving the inadvisable deployment of spouses on the same watch, too. Of course, a policy against this sort of thing would also break up the Tingirides Brain Trust, but the Tingirideses (yes, that’s the correct spelling) haven’t been involved in wrongful line-of-duty shootings, and they’ve patrolled some rough, rough shit. (How they can still stand one another is a separate matter. They may limit their own on-duty interactions before HQ does, just because fucking marriage, man.)

TL;DR: Tulsa White Christian Womanhood is a racist. Her defense attorneys are free to argue the Opposing Viewpoints (TM). 

Robert Bates: Dipshit who bought himself a reserve deputy’s commission from a crappy sheriff’s department and then got involved in shit way the hell above his pay grade (of zero). And don’tcha know, Tulsa, the scene of a historic race riot eviscerating the local black middle class. Hmm. Bates claimed that he had a Mehserle Moment involving his not-quite-identical service weapons, and I believe him. What I don’t believe is that he had any business tagging along on a gun sting targeting an ammosexual serial violent felon. Dude had three different kinds of guns on his person during the rough-and-tumble takedown, only one of them a firearm, and he drew the firearm by mistake, not the Taser, while already holding his pepperball gun. What the fuck was that cracker packing? Mehserle was a fit cop who made a terrible mistake. Bates was an unfit cop who made a terrible mistake. Don’t look to the young, fit, full-time cop to reoffend; look to the influence-peddling geriatric assclown with the law enforcement fetish and the reserve commission to recidivate because he just can’t help himself.

Bates was serving (sic) in a hella racist city, but I’m not convinced that he was driven by racism to shoot Eric Harris. He was dealing with a rough customer. That seems to be quite the thing with guys named Eric Harris. He may well have not been a racist. He was definitely a yahoo who needed better training and supervision.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for that from Tulsa.

Daniel Pantaleo: Thomas Sowell wrote Germans and History, not Italians and History. We like our guidos racist in this country. We get fewer Saccos and Vanzettis that way.

This doesn’t mean that Pantaleo would never choke a Heinz 57 whitey to death. He was assigned to a street crimes detail in a North Shore ghetto. Other cops on Staten Island stop-and-frisk the shit out of white people in white neighborhoods for being intersectional with the drug community. Junkies are what finally integrated Camden; they’re also what finally leveled the NYPD’s worst patrol practices down as a way to grill the white meat.

Pantaleo is a bad cop in a bad agency. Maybe James O’Neill will actually clean house. He doesn’t sound like the most discerning commissioner, though. He seems to have trouble telling the difference between the use of force on bat-wielding crazies in close quarters and the use of force on harmless guys selling loosies on the corner.

Michael Slager: Not all the Germans are the ones Sowell wants with his history. That name, though. Why do some of these guys just sound like they were named in anticipation of their own misconduct? Mark Fuhrman sounds like an apartheid South African special operations soldier turned international mercenary. “I need a name for a racist shit cop for my next LA noir dime store potboiler. I got it: Mark Fuhrman!” “Nah, that’s too obvious. Who the hell would believe it?” “I’ll have him complain that the niggers have taken over Westwood and that the lady captain of his district sucked and fucked her way to the top.” “Dude, no one would believe that shit. Get some subtlety.”

There’s also Mark “Ehrenbaum” Kruger at the Portland Police Bureau. He isn’t nearly as bad a cop as the brass and the woke diversity arbiters made him out to be, but damned if that name doesn’t sound like a Nazi-commemorating weirdo.

Slager has a surprising sort of police hair for an evidence-planting thug patrolman. There was some damn fine police hair in the seventies and eighties, but not that shock of silver slicked back into the next thing to a duck’s ass. Maybe they’re just behind the times in the Tidewater. Fuhrman kept his own fine-grained salt-and-pepper respectably high, tight, and thick. A retired judge friend of the family liked to tell the Vietnamese hairdressers at the courthouse, “Remember, it’s better to have many white hairs than few brown ones.” Thanks for rubbing it in, your honor. Speaking of things that might be rubbed in, they have shampoos for my condition. Fuhrman wasn’t quite bold enough to risk the DA on the job, and Phil Vanatter had some respectable throwback police hair, come to think of it, but there’s no denying that Det. Suckenfuck knew how to signal that he had it thick enough to mop the floor.

Another thing becomes obvious looking at Slager and Furhman: a shade whiter and they’d have that Kenneth Fitzhugh/Charles Cullen physiognomy. Hell, Furhman has lightened up enough with age that he’s practically already there.

So what was our creepy-ass Teutonic non-cracker cracker friend doing in the Walter Scott case? Nothing good, obviously, but just how racial was it? One way to look at it is that he was an upwardly mobile Coast Guard veteran who murdered a downwardly mobile Coast Guard veteran. #ThankYouForYourService. The police around Charleston are the successor agencies to the slave patrols, and that poison has not been flushed from the official psyche yet. But it’s hard to be sure that Slager wouldn’t have planted a drop gun on a dead piney cracker. Dude doesn’t look like the kind to go into a trailer park and flash Dylann Roof the Whitey Sign. He’d probably be more of a mind to take out the white trash. The South Carolina Tidewater has a huge black population by national standards, and this population is disproportionately poor, so it’s a readier target than Po’ Whitey for the predatory enforcement of the bogus, arbitrary parts of the vehicle code. The Ah Due Decleeaah, the General Lee IS Late crowd keeps its vehicles properly maintained, registered, and insured. It operates dem shine ride, and the police know it. Pity the poor bastards who have to keep the Tidewater running, though.

TL;DR: It’s racism, but it isn’t just racism, and it won’t be fixed by getting rid of the racism.

Ben “Officer Slam” Fields: That creepy Yankee-ass Lancaster fascist fuckhead may be the worst, sickest racist cop in the news this decade. He is one sick, sick fucking bastard. He didn’t get mixed up in bad shit deeper than himself and beyond his capacity to clean up; he WAS the bad shit on his force.

I know his old stomping grounds in Pennsylvania. I spent my teens barely a quarter mile across the county line and went to high school in Lancaster. That bumptious, self-righteous, shitty creep was the last thing the South needed. A Southern high school hiring Southern school resource (sic) officers might end up with Southern gentlemen on its hands, guys who would apologize within fifteen minutes if they comported themselves as anything less than Marse Bob himself. A school that hired lateral transfers from the Blue Lives Fatter contingent of the Philadelphia Police Department would end up with well-fed lazies who know how to deal reasonably with black people, don’t want to get winded just because some kid feels like being a punk, and can give directions from memory to every Dunkin’ Donuts in the county.

Ben Fields is what a police force gets for hiring authoritarian meatheads from Central Pennsylvania. There are some bad, bad cops there. I’ve had run-ins with them. These are people who should not be cops.

The Philadelphia PD gets a bad rap on account of Jonathan Josey, the 39th District, and the enduring tradition of the nickel ride, but as far as I can tell, not even a quarter of it is staffed by brutes. It could well be as few as a tenth of the cops who are responsible for the misconduct. A great many of the rest are surprisingly well-mannered. They’ll gladly intervene if they become aware of real trouble, but otherwise, they’re pretty much on duty to keep a general eye on things and scope out new pizzerias. (It may be that the ghetto districts harbor more bad cops. I haven’t spent enough time in them to have a very good sense of it. The difference from the better neighborhoods, though, would have to be night and day.)

I’m familiar with police agencies in Central Pennsylvania whose sworn staffs are closer to two thirds or three quarters mentally and morally unfit for duty. These are bad cops patrolling jurisdictions where, in many cases, a solid majority of the genuine criminal activity is committed by themselves under color of authority, not including whatever domestic violence they commit to keep the home fires burning.

Of course these agencies hire authoritarian thugs like Ben Fields. Of course Ben Fields has a Lancaster County background. Rural Pennsylvania has some of the worst goddamned hill crackers and shanty Irish on earth. Many municipal police departments there staff themselves with the layer of scum immediately above the Mercedes bling wiggers and West Side Story Puerto Ricans from the Lebanon ghetto. They find the absolute worst people from their counties who don’t have criminal records and give them badges and guns.

Is Ben Fields a racist? Yes. Would he have done the same thing to a white girl? That’s trickier to answer. Jackbooted Pennsyltuckian meatheads of his caliber carry enough creepy psychosexual baggage to fill the Coast Starlight. They generally like to punch down more than up, so in a heavily black jurisdiction the targets of their lawless anger are more likely to be black than white. In their attacks on women and girls, though, the deciding factor is overwhelmingly whom they most want to hate-rape. If Fields turns out to be another Holtzclaw, I won’t be surprised.

Here’s the key thing to understand, I’m afraid: Ben Fields never outgrew high school. He is the very lack of adult supervision that he was hired to remedy. When high schools turn into Lord of the Flies hellscapes, it’s usually because no adult in a position of authority has the sense of duty–of fiduciary responsibility, really–and the general wherewithal to stop the dominant students from wantonly preying on the weaklings. Bullying, hazing, and Mean Girls bullshit don’t arise on account of intractable human nature. They arise because adults throw teenagers into power vacuums that they’re either too derelict or too outnumbered to prevent. At the average American public school, it’s probably safer to err on the side of dereliction. These aren’t organic social environments; they’re grossly artificial ones set up to warehouse age-segregated young adults going through a stage of life at which their own family and community elders are too irresponsible or cowardly to try to mentor them. They suffer from a chronic brain drain of competent teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators because they’re shitty, depressing, often hopeless institutions.

Among the boys, the jocks typically oppress the nerds and the dorks. Among the girls, the cute, peppy ones passive-aggressively oppress the rest. In a normal, organic social environment, no one would give a shit that some asshole is a varsity letterman, but high schools are abnormal, disordered environments.

The crude racial angle at play here is that white girls are generally considered more sexually attractive than black girls. We aren’t dealing with some boy-meets-girl situation in which Emada Tingirides ends up married to a guy who registers at least 7.5 on a Whiteness scale from zero to Sam Dotson, or in which David Greene is pronounced “Big Sexy.” We’re dealing with stereotypes. A girl with dark skin, strongly African facial features, extra weight, and a sullen attitude can’t be expected to fare well in such an environment against girls who conform, physically or socially, to the high yellow/bourgeois white ideal of young womanhood. Again, a huge part of the problem here is that young people are forced into artificial, prison-like environments where a critical mass of those present actually give a shit about these things. It’s to be expected that the emo girls at a school are more cynical and recalcitrant than the peppy cheerleaders; it’s just that some schools criminalize this nonconformance and others don’t.

Someone like Ben Fields can be expected to commit statutory rape (read: consensual affairs of dubious judgment), if any, on the cheerleaders or basketball players. He can be expected to commit his forcible rapes on the withdrawn, socially marginal fat girls.

It’s hard to think of anyone worse to plug into a high school clique system. A proliferating number of school police departments try their best to do exactly that. They dredge up thugs who belong on chain gangs to enforce vicious, lawless civilian pecking orders. Destroying the US class system would do much to eliminate the violent prejudice that drives thugs like Ben Fields to batter the vulnerable. Destroying the racial caste system alone will hardly solve a thing.

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