Whitey’s Last Stand

Ásotthalom is a minor border township in Hungary which stumbled into the international news for a few months as a point of entry into the European Union for thousands of refugees/migrants/Ottoman revanchist invaders/take your pick who had amassed in Serbia, waiting for their chance to steal into the Promised Land of Schengen to do what ever the hell it was that they were planning to do. This mass migration, whatever its true causes and purposes, alarmed the Hungarian government badly enough to provoke its emergency construction of a border fence topped with barbed wire, the general idea being to ensure that the foreign gentlemen became some other Schengen country’s problem first, not Hungary’s. Given the practically nonexistent evidence that these travelers wanted a thing to do wanted a thing to do with Hungary, other than to pass through it en route to the Anglo-Saxon-Scandic good stuff, this fence seemed like reasonably wise and effective national policy. The gentlemen in question have not, for example, backtracked into Hungary from the Teutonic heartland and mass-raped Budapest.

The geopolitical context of this mass migration, or whatever it really is, is a fucking mess. A number of countries in the Middle East have been in states of war provoking genuine refugee crises. Saudi Arabia and the various postage-stamp kingdoms of the Gulf have significant capacity to absorb Arab refugees from their destabilized neighbors and enough in common with them culturally and linguistically to integrate them, but they have no interest in providing for the welfare and safety of trashy poors from trashy countries when they can dump them onto Western enemies-cum-benefactors instead and sow even more chaos abroad. Nice steel beams you have in those towers there; shame if some jet fuel happened to them. At the same time, the surge of legitimate refugees gave cover to dirtbags and intelligence assets, if I may risk repeating myself. Some of the supposed refugees, meanwhile, may be economic migrants trying to better themselves and their families whose circumstances back home fall into a gray area between a true threat to their survival and a more prosaic but still very real threat to their ongoing welfare.

Where does a prospective host country draw the line for such people? How does it balance humanitarian considerations for the welfare of the foreign poor with the welfare of its own constituents? These are legitimate questions without easy answers. The dirtbag hordes are another matter. Unattached young men, well-dressed, well-nourished, and showing no signs of emotional distress, showed up en masse in a bunch of major European cities, including Budapest, and spent hour upon hour hanging around railway stations and town squares, flirting with the local girls. When they moved on, they left behind piles of trash, some of them cleaned up on a volunteer basis by disgusted private citizens. The dirtbags gave off a strong “who baby daddy this is?” vibe. It was classic alpha fucks and beta bucks: foreign deadbeat shitheads looking for all the world like they were about to get the local maidens pregnant and skip town while little bitches walked behind them, cleaning up their messes and not getting any action for their trouble. Of course, allegations against Middle Eastern refugees from the other side of the Hajnal Line are even worse, but no sexual consent can justify the way the deadbeats behaved on their way through Budapest, or the way the local girls behaved around them. It was antisocial.

The incentives were totally fucked. The foreign gentleman callers weren’t totally unacculturated, as they immediately conformed to the worst Eurotrash social norms. But somebody has to keep civilization running, and if that somebody isn’t getting any pussy while antisocial layabout slobs are, that somebody may stop showing up to work. It was bad enough that parasitical migrants were monopolizing the public companionship of local girls; anything more intimate that can be inferred or confirmed is only worse.

Ásotthalom is back in the news, this time because its municipal government has proclaimed a safe haven for Whitey and invited a Pan-European medley of proud honkies from across the EU to homestead under its jurisdiction. This invitation has been complemented with posted bans on public displays of same-sex affection and Islamic dress. These bans have upset the woke international diversity crowd by being insensitive and shit, a darkly amusing turn of events for a liberal movement that has had an excruciatingly impossible time, especially in Northwestern Europe, reconciling gay liberation and Sharia.

I suspect, though, that if this Whitey Rez proclamation isn’t just a passing troll stunt, the signs warning the fruits and nuts to behave themselves are mainly for show. If Ásotthalom can in fact create a safe space for Christendom’s beleaguered breeders, it won’t need petulant outbursts of positive law to nurture traditionalist white European natalism because it will have natural law firmly on its side. And frankly, it’s hard to see how that wouldn’t be an improvement over the current childrearing situation in Europe, in which a great many of Europe’s scant children are being born to marginalized, embittered, resentful Muslim extremists in deeply troubled ghettos and raised with atrocious socioeconomic prospects. A cohesive community of enterprising young people raising families under a supportive local government has to be an improvement over the barren ennui that has consumed much of Europe (including Hungary) and over the thirty-year shit show of the banlieue. It would be a huge improvement over deadbeats hanging around train stations and flirting with naive, impressionable local chicks. It would reassert a healthy masculinity that cherishes and lives by values of responsible fatherhood and community engagement. It would allow one small corner of Europe, at least, to suppress the moral hazard that encourages shitheads to clown around for sexual access to bimbos in a society reluctantly stewarded by jaded incels. The explicit racial angle of Ásotthalom’s campaign is over the top, but there’s nothing frivolous about its assertion of community stability and cohesion as virtues worth restoring.

Ironically, if this campaign is successful it will turn Ásotthalom into one of the most mongrelized gentile communities in Hungary since the time of Genghis Khan. If its native stock showed up in some steel town around Pittsburgh, they’d be hunkies, meaning that in Carnegie’s time they absolutely would not have been admitted to Whitey. That shit would have been off limits to them. Similarly, in a Europe not overrun by Muslim aliens crowdsourcing a recreation of the Battle of Vienna, Hungary’s nationalist extremists would not want a grab bag of Germans, Frenchmen, Britons, and so forth diluting their already diminishing Finno-Urgic native stock.

Pan-Africanism was dead on arrival. This Pan-European campaign may not be. Here we have Hungarian nationalist leaders who would clearly rather see Hungarian identity be expanded to include assimilable non-Hungarian Europeans than watch Europe’s indigenous ethnicities die off in meaningless dead-end hedonism and be replaced by aggressive, deliberately fertile newcomers with religious axes to grind. Of course, the notion of Hungarian ethnic purity is pretty laughable in the first place, given how much of the national family tree can be traced back none too distantly to Mongol rapespawn. The consensual dicking of natalist wives by generically white husbands who give a shit about their families and communities is an improvement over that, too. As they say in Sacramento, this regime would finally reward niggas who have something to do with their kids.

There are self-consciously woke elements that will get severely butthurt if the Ásotthalom Whitey Rez project succeeds. In the modern European context, an above-replacement birthrate among gainfully employed, prosperous, assimilated citizens would definitely be a success. I don’t like the idea of banging on about how Europeans have too many cats and too few brats, since I’ve wrung my hands enough about this situation vis-a-vis my own country, but getting butthurt about the one fertile community out of ten or twenty in an otherwise barren society is fucking pathetic. What’s that? The Mormon Utards have too many fucking rugrats, and they’re going to cow us all into submission to their false gods? Please, do allow me to recommend a cheese to pair with your White Whine. Forgive me if I’ve said this before, but I suggest a Manchego fuck yourself. Europe’s Muslims, on the other hand, have had dire trouble assimilating, and they keep taking their anger out violently on their host nations. Fertile center-right Christian communities may actually be all that stand between Europe and swordpoint conversion to an extremists’ creed. They may actually be the bulwark. I’m not trying to go all Charles Martel Breivik on a cracker’s ass, but the reports of Muslim communal intransigence do not look good at all.

Europe cannot or will not defend its external borders. Frontex is a pitiful joke. Arab governments show no political will to discourage their populations from breeding like rabbits in a time of war and increasing food shortages. Europe has borne the brunt of the consequences, for the geopolitical reasons described earlier. “Saudi Arabia” is like “Corleonean Sicily,” but with Sicily occupying a useless slice of Libya. That’s arrogant even by Muammar Qaddafi’s standards. I recall something about him renaming months of the year or some shit, but he didn’t rename the fucking country after himself. Or maybe that was Turkmenbashi. Family-level antisocial narcissism isn’t necessarily any better. In any event, Europe doesn’t deserve the geopolitical blowback of demographically feckless parts of Asia Minor just because it’s come to be populated by metrosexual bachelor faggots and unsatisfied birth-control spinsters and what-have-you. These dead-enders weren’t the kinds who abused the imperial subject populations and made off with their national wealth. Sure, God may help those who help themselves, but if there’s a grand moral justification to dump an assortment of refugees, landless emigrants, spooks, and dirtbags on a country not their own, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf emirates are surely stronger candidates than Germany and Sweden.

One country stands out for keeping immigrants at bay in a time of demographic contraction and virtual waifu. I refer, of course, to Japan. God only knows who the Yakuza have been using to clean up Fukushima (that is, the parts that aren’t radioactive enough to fry robots within two hours), but that’s one country where management isn’t allowed to import foreigners willy-nilly to do long-term scab labor. Me newspapeah The Economist regularly concern-trolls Japan to hell for not getting with the program already. It’s striking that so many internationalists with credible or proven Rothschild connections seem so eager to watch Japan implode into a national social catastrophe as punishment for its xenophobia, aka its national cohesion. These creeps are itching to be vindicated by the collapse of a specific foreign nation. They don’t wear it well.

It’s worth considering the possibility that Japan has a chronic labor surplus in spite of its ballooning honored citizen population and its misallocation of its youth to hikikomori bullshit. Similarly, it’s worth keeping in mind that Japan is a country where grandfather often is not feeling well enough to receive visitors from the local council today on the occasion of his 105th birthday, nor has he been feeling well enough for some decades, but he never was one to begrudge his children and grandchildren his own pension. #TeshTips: The authorities don’t mind disbursing payments to pensioners whose apartment buildings were demolished years ago; what they don’t know can’t be their administrative responsibility to update in the database. It’s a great place to get money for being dead.

I offer a more intelligent white nationalism than chugging milk by the gallon on Times Square, and I’m not even a white nationalist.


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